Tasty Race Tuesday: Boys Seeded Cheyenne Mountain Stampede

Sure, it's the second time this quartet has graced the cover of MileSplit Colorado over the span of just three days. 

But hey - the boys seeded race at the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede (Pre-State) was just that tasty, we figured most of you would want seconds.

The race was like the buffalo wings I order at LoDo's - hot and spicy, mouth-watering down to the final bite  lathered in juicy buffalo sauce. That same sauce painted across my fingers, the flavor can't be washed out in one washing of the hands - it takes a few times, and I really only do it multiple times because the last thing I want is for that spicy sauce to find its way into my eyes or nose.

I can never get enough...

Let's take a few bites/strides into this meal/race.

Four runners - Summit's Dominykas Remeikis, Battle Mountain's Will Brunner, and Palmer Ridge's Jacob Bach, and Lucas Bossinger were running stride-for-stride heading into the final mile.

This race needed some relief. 

And it wouldn't get any - literally. 

While the final mile of any race has a way of separating the eventual winner from their chasers, this race went down to the final inches. 

Heading into Penrose the race had been whittled down to two - Remeikis, and Brunner. And they'd use literally every stride inside the stadium to separate themselves. 

If you haven't watched the above video yet, you really should - the final kick between Remeikis, and Brunner is the embodiment of grit. Both runners were relentless. 

When the dust finally settled the separation between the two was just a tenth-of-a-second. 

15:39.30 to 15:39.40.

It took every stride over the course of 3.1 miles to separate these two, and even then, it was a tenth-of-a-second. 


In a cross country race.

The kick alone is a Kick Of The Week, and not enough on my plate of wings. Add the previous three miles of four battling it out. 

The race as a whole was so tasty - I hope you enjoy your seconds!