Elevate Your Meet With MileSplit Live Results

Elevate the level of your meet this fall by signing up to use MileSplit Live, our free live results platform which will allow your meet results to be viewed in a modern way across any device, including mobile, tablet or desktop.

What does MileSplit Live offer?

  • Results with links to athlete profiles on MileSplit.com
  • School and team logos
  • State-specific filters to easily find your meet
  • Badges that highlight PRs as well as state and national top performances
  • Cumulative and lap splits
  • Live team scores
  • Running clock
  • Compatibility with Hytek (must have multi-user mode), Meetpro, Easy Meet and FinishLynx
  • Field App does not require Fieldlynx for live field results attempt by attempt
  • Post your results directly onto MileSplit

Additionally, MileSplit Live Scoreboard Display is a huge cost-saving substitution for Result TV.

Our digital display and graphic generation program produces live results from FinishLynx timing systems. If connected to the internet, you can show cross-country team scores and field event marks directly on scoreboards.

For an example of how MileSplit Live can look for your meet, check out this meet session.

Getting started is simple. Our FAQ/Help page will walk you through the steps. 

If you have any questions about getting setup, please email alonso@flosports.tv.