Throwback Thursday: Eboselulu Omofoma Sweeps 2A

If you're looking for the personification of dominance, look no further than Eboselulu Omofoma.

The DaySpring Academy junior won every event she competed in at the 2023 Colorado State Track & Field Championships

And when I write "every event," I mean four state titles. 

That's the max any individual can claim at the State meet (because athletes can only competed in four events.) 

Omofoma won the 100H in 14.81, the 300H 44.46 - a personal best - the high jump in 5-1, and the triple jump in 36-5 - another PR. 

What makes Omofoma's quadruple all the more impressive is the fact that her 300H and her triple jump were 2A No. 1 marks. 

Add that her 300H ranks her No. 7 in All Classifications

And consider that she competed in all four events - two - the 100H and the 300H with prelims, so six competitions - over the span of just three days.