MileSplit Shorts: The Real Deal In Prime Time

World record and American records were falling like flies at the Pre Classic in Eugene this weekend. 

Likewise, course records in Colorado were plummeting like Rapids' fans faith in ownership, like boredom in CU football, and like the Broncos playoff chances. 

Editor's Note: I can say that - sadly - as a Broncos fan...

Editor's Note #2: Was it just me, or did the first quarter of the CU vs CSU football game feel long?

There was definitely a theme with this week's edition of MileSplit Shorts...

And it wasn't shades up or hats on. 

It had nothing to do with hype.

Hype isn't real.

And in Colorado, we're all real...


This week's edition of 'Shorts is brought to you by the Denver East boy's cross country team!

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