Images From Colorado High School Snowshoe Championships

Kyle Ames and Sam Lewis strike a pose in their winners' headgear. All photos by Alan Versaw.


This is the kind of person who races 5K and 10K snowshoe.


Here's hoping he avoided a sunburn, but that heart rate monitor would make for an interesting "tan" line if he did get burned.


Even for seasoned racers like Sam Lewis, the footing occasionally gets tricky.


The course got the best of one of the fittest cross country coaches in the state.


10K winner Mitch Kasyon was composed and in control throughout.


Most racers were wearing a layer of the previous night's snowfall before the race was over...


and every stride meant a fresh shower of snow on your back.


Even the very young got into the act.


Cheyenne Mountain's dominance was partly predicated on sheer numbers of entries.


It took less than 1K for the racers to get a serious dose of the kind of fatigue this race would bring on.


The mastermind of it all.