Start Lists and Notes for Tony Wells Memorial

Giulianna Vessa is slated to run against, among others, Erin Norton in the High School Girls 800 on Saturday. The contest could prove to be one of the day's more interesting contests. Photo by Alan Versaw.

After the very large field of high school athletes at the Martin Luther King Mile-Hi Classic last weekend, it's probably reasonable to expect diminished numbers for this weekend's indoor meet at Balch Field House. Despite the reduced numbers, however, there are still several solid match-ups to be found. At this point, several of the match-ups don't require much introduction, as we've seen them several times already in the indoor season, but the girls 800 pitting Giulianna Vessa against Erin Norton has a new feel to it and should be among the day's better pairings. Zach Retzlaff and Samuel Berg in the boys 1500 could get overshadowed a little among the older boys in the 1500, but it is a nice pairing of top sophomores nevertheless. Nice of Mr. Retzlaff to make the trip up from Pueblo to make it happen.

It's not often we find much in the way of out-of-state participation at indoor meets at Balch Field House, but a contingent does appear to be coming down from Scottsbluff to compete this weekend. That should provide some fresh new faces in the boys middle distance events.

13/14 Boys 60 Meter Dash
Caden Bradbury RealTraining 7.55
Jack Stalcup Unattached 7.80
Alicia Taurchini CentennialTC 8.21
Dalton Schroeder FortCollinsTC 8.41
Ian Gray 10ZoomTC-1032-A 9.00
Joey Buxman FrontierAcademy 9.00
Jeremy Schroeder FrontierAcademy 9.00
Tad Trimarco Unattached NM
High School Boys 60 Meter Dash
Chris Youngs SpeedDenver 7.20
Quincey Voss PureSpeedTC 7.56
Marjon Wright MontbelloCheeta 7.80
Ethan Herrold Unattached 7.89
Robby Johnson FortCollinsTC 8.00
Arin Thompson 32-EpicTC 8.19
Benjamin Darby CheyenneMountai NM
Logan Harris Unattached NM
Ronald Sweeten ColoradoSprings 6.94
Alex Mead AngelFlightTC 6.95
Jaylyn Mars 32-ColoradoStep 7.00
Troy Johnson FortCollinsTC 7.01
Joesph Parker SpeedDenver 7.05
Daniel Belk CheyenneMountai 7.07
Alec MacArthur SpeedDenver 7.09
Aaron Ragin RealTraining 7.22
Tazmann Arguello Unattached 7.35
Austin Canady CentennialTC 7.41
Brian Sumpter Unattached 7.44
Nick Ross Unattached 7.44
Zeke Sandoval Unattached 7.54
Jalil Swanson GazelleSprintCl 7.60
Nathan Forest Unattached 7.70
Paul SuazoJr Unattached 7.74
Spencer Claymon Unattached 7.90
Andrew Herrold Unattached 8.02
Collin MacMillan Unattached 8.02
Fabian Cocoa 32-ColoradoRage NM
Joshua Gloor FastTraxxTroupe NM
Nick Kravec Unattached NM
13/14 Boys 400 Meter Dash
Brock Miller 32-FKElite 53.89
Nehemiah Ancar 32-FKElite 55.00
Caden Bradbury RealTraining 55.00
Jack Stalcup Unattached 57.00
Jacob Amador 32-FKElite 59.00
Dalton Schroeder FortCollinsTC 1:00.00
Joshua McBride FrontierAcademy 1:09.00
Delmarco Perry ColoradoFlyersT 1:10.10
Ian Gray 10ZoomTC-1032-A 1:12.00
Miles Boykin CentennialTC NM
Alicia Taurchini CentennialTC NM
Marcus Howard ColoradoFlyersT NM
Michael Gibbs DenverLightning NM
High School Boys 400 Meter Dash
Quincey Voss PureSpeedTC 55.00
Marjon Wright MontbelloCheeta 57.00
Mathew VandenHeever FortCollinsTC 58.00
Dalton Akey FrontierAcademy 59.00
Preston Roche FortCollinsTC 1:00.63
August Roberts Unattached 1:01.00
Emerson Collins FastTraxxTroupe 1:01.80
Arin Thompson 32-EpicTC NM
Corey Lewenkamp Unattached NM
Trace Peterson Unattached NM
Dueth Vassell 32-NiteMovesTC 51.09
Lorne Jenkins RealTraining 51.47
Daniel Belk CheyenneMountai 51.59
Austin Ebbers RealTraining 52.88
Aaron Ragin RealTraining 53.22
Tazmann Arguello Unattached 55.00
Joshua Gloor FastTraxxTroupe 55.45
Alex Deseau Unattached 56.00
Nathan Forest Unattached 56.70
Troy Johnson FortCollinsTC 57.20
Fabian Cocoa 32-ColoradoRage 57.39
AJ Konnath Unattached 58.00
Nick Lipski Unattached 58.00
Collin MacMillan Unattached 1:00.79
Kyree Gerstle-Goodman FastTraxxTroupe NM
Jai'Shaun Thompson FastTraxxTroupe NM
Paul SuazoJr Unattached NM
13/14 Boys 60 Meter Hurdles
Marcus Howard ColoradoFlyersT 9.85
High School Boys 60 Meter Hurdles
Emerson Collins FastTraxxTroupe 8.90
Max Gilbertson Unattached 9.87
Brendon Stanley FortCollinsTC 10.90
Robby Johnson FortCollinsTC 12.01
Logan Harris Unattached NM
Lorne Jenkins RealTraining 8.45
Colin Munster Unattached 8.50
Ethan Leonard FortCollinsTC 8.71
Brian Sumpter Unattached 8.83
Alex Deseau Unattached 9.00
Austin Ebbers RealTraining 9.22
Sequoyah Copeland-Doyle AngelFlightTC 9.46
AJ Konnath Unattached 9.69
Andrew Herrold Unattached 9.70
Nick Kravec Unattached NM
13/14 Boys 800 Meter Run
Tad Trimarco Unattached 2:28.00
Dylan Ko FortCollinsTC 2:40.87
Michael Landwehr PlatteRiverTC 2:55.00
Michael Gibbs DenverLightning NM
High School Boys 800 Meter Run
Dylan Day FastTraxxTroupe 2:10.60
Corey Lewenkamp Unattached 2:12.27
Kyle Jones Unattached 2:14.00
Saxon Musgrave FastTraxxTroupe 2:18.81
Dalton Akey FrontierAcademy 2:25.00
August Roberts Unattached 2:26.00
William Schenk SpeedTF-1032 2:55.00
Nathan Pritchard ScottsbluffTC NM
Eddie Marquez Unattached NM
Trace Peterson Unattached NM
Mick Norton Unattached NM
Noah Bolitho Unattached NM
Zac Petrie AngelFlightTC 2:01.14
Eric Steiner Unattached 2:03.00
Spencer Rivera RealTraining 2:05.00
Austin Schuler RealTraining 2:06.00
Tayler James ScottsbluffTC 2:08.00
Ben Willis-Teff ScottsbluffTC 2:10.00
Cody Jones Unattached 2:14.00
Louis Hood Unattached 2:14.00
Austin Canady CentennialTC 2:15.00
Dalton Jensen FrontierAcademy 2:15.00
Belteshazzar Emery BlazersTC 2:25.00
Justin Pritchard ScottsbluffTC NM
Brendan Anderson SpeedTF-1032 NM
13/14 Boys 1500 Meter Run
Dylan Ko FortCollinsTC 5:20.19
Tad Trimarco Unattached 5:30.00
Gage Voss Unattached 5:40.00
High School Boys 1500 Meter Run
Zack Retzlaff Unattached 4:37.00
Samuel Berg Unattached 4:44.00
Luke Bruns ValorTC 5:00.00
Aidan Cusick ValorTC 5:00.00
Branden Bohling AngelFlightTC 5:05.63
William Schenk SpeedTF-1032 6:00.00
Leland Wallisch Unattached 6:15.00
Dylan Day FastTraxxTroupe NM
Saxon Musgrave FastTraxxTroupe NM
Matthew Barraza ScottsbluffTC NM
Eddie Marquez Unattached NM
Michael O'Sullivan Unattached NM
Eric Steiner Unattached 4:25.00
Cerake Geberkidane 32-NiteMovesTC 4:30.30
Angel Garza 32-ColoradoRage 4:37.00
Andres Luna Unattached 4:40.00
Nick Petersen Unattached 4:50.00
Lucas Droste Unattached 4:59.00
Dalton Jensen FrontierAcademy 5:00.00
Dominick Brevig Unattached 5:00.00
13/14 Boys Long Jump
Dalton Schroeder FortCollinsTC 4.67
Ian Gray 10ZoomTC-1032-A 4.30
Jack Stalcup Unattached 4.27
Michael Landwehr PlatteRiverTC 3.35
Tyce Gartner FortCollinsTC 3.33
Joey Buxman FrontierAcademy NM
High School Boys Long Jump
Ethan Herrold Unattached 5.28
Arin Thompson 32-EpicTC 4.79
Robby Johnson FortCollinsTC 4.48
John Reynolds 10ZoomTC-1032-A 6.71
Ronald Sweeten ColoradoSprings 6.40
Jonathan Goltz FortCollinsTC 5.64
Sequoyah Copeland-Doyle AngelFlightTC 5.33
Kyree Gerstle-Goodman FastTraxxTroupe 5.23
Chris Roob Unattached 4.88
Nick Kravec Unattached NM
13/14 Boys Shot Put
Domminick Addison PlatteRiverTC 7.62
High School Boys Shot Put
Daniel Weirich Unattached 18.36
13/14 Boys High Jump
Miles Boykin CentennialTC 1.60
Alicia Taurchini CentennialTC 1.57
Tyce Gartner FortCollinsTC 1.17
High School Boys High Jump
Preston Roche FortCollinsTC 1.78
Mathew VandenHeever FortCollinsTC 1.73
Max Gilbertson Unattached 1.65
John Reynolds 10ZoomTC-1032-A 1.84
Nick Kravec Unattached NM
13/14 Girls 60 Meter Dash
Audra Koopman FortCollinsTC 7.97
Maya Evans 32-ColoradoStep 8.20
Madison Williams FortCollinsTC 8.28
Dawnielle Lewis 32-ColoradoStep 8.30
Lannan Abbott Unattached 8.35
Akilah Sweeten ColoradoSprings 8.50
Lesha Essien 32-NiteMovesTC 8.53
Macy Bourn RealTraining 8.66
Monique Roche FortCollinsTC 8.82
Savannah Larkins 32-EpicTC 9.68
Chiyanne Koonce ColoradoFlyersT 9.83
Kylie Davis 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Olivia Grenardo 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Maya Blacken Unattached NM
High School Girls 60 Meter Dash
Shayna Yon 32-FKElite 7.64
Khayla Doublin 32-FKElite 7.89
Nakiya Clausell MontbelloCheeta 7.90
Rune Davis MontbelloCheeta 8.00
Jaida Harris AngelFlightTC 8.35
Victoria Coombe CentennialTC 8.40
Kelly Penney 32-ColoradoStep 8.50
Taylor Zurbrigen FortCollinsTC 9.42
Shakym Perry-Mazion ColoradoFlyersT 9.83
Erica Allen MontbelloCheeta 10.00
Paige Overcash PlatteRiverTC NM
Niki Marshall RicRojasRunning NM
Marybeth Sant AngelFlightTC 7.41
Emily Romo CentennialTC 7.50
Cadi Green Unattached 7.50
Zainab Sanni AngelFlightTC 7.52
Tashay Brown CentennialTC 7.80
Daisha Stanley PureSpeedTC 7.83
Sierra Vaden AngelFlightTC 7.88
Jessica Daubert CentennialTC 7.90
Voyd Davis MontbelloCheeta 8.30
Dana Maydew RealTraining 8.30
Aliyah Briggs AngelFlightTC 8.36
Lindsey Kroboth FortCollinsTC 8.36
Ashley Windom CentennialTC 8.50
Annastacia Anderson RealTraining 8.50
Alicia Taurchini Unattached 8.50
Jordan McClendon AngelFlightTC 8.58
Emily Shoneman RealTraining 8.69
Hannah Fertig RealTraining 8.77
Justice Coker FastTraxxTroupe 8.78
Christine Emory RealTraining 8.78
Haylie Johns RealTraining 8.86
Carly Paul FortCollinsTC 8.93
Asiza Lucas FortCollinsTC 9.33
13/14 Girls 400 Meter Dash
Minnie Harrison 32-FKElite 1:05.00
Madison Williams FortCollinsTC 1:05.00
Shaunice Dedner 32-ColoradoStep 1:07.00
Macy Bourn RealTraining 1:13.00
Olivia Grenardo 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Savannah Larkins 32-EpicTC NM
Chiyanne Koonce ColoradoFlyersT NM
Jaiden Paris ColoradoFlyersT NM
Rebecca Swink PlatteRiverTC NM
Lannan Abbott Unattached NM
High School Girls 400 Meter Dash
Victoria Coombe CentennialTC 1:00.00
Nakiya Clausell MontbelloCheeta 1:00.00
Paige Overcash PlatteRiverTC 1:00.00
Taylor Zurbrigen FortCollinsTC 1:02.00
Rachel Crutcher MontbelloCheeta 1:02.00
Rune Davis MontbelloCheeta 1:02.00
Jordan Edmonds FastTraxxTroupe 1:02.90
Miranda Money Unattached 1:05.00
Kelly Penney 32-ColoradoStep 1:08.00
Kylee Elmer ColoradoSprings NM
Alice Bonan RicRojasRunning NM
Tatjana Kunz RicRojasRunning NM
Niki Marshall RicRojasRunning NM
Breanna Clayton Unattached NM
Payton Miller 32-FKElite 56.16
Rachael Lopez PlatteRiverTC 59.99
Annica Roberts ColoradoSprings 1:00.00
Dana Maydew RealTraining 1:00.00
Annastacia Anderson RealTraining 1:03.00
Christine Emory RealTraining 1:03.11
Carissa Leeper Unattached 1:04.00
Iman LeSure 32-ColoradoStep 1:05.00
Voyd Davis MontbelloCheeta 1:05.00
Daisha Stanley PureSpeedTC 1:05.00
Morgan Myers 32-ColoradoRage 1:07.00
Justice Coker FastTraxxTroupe 1:08.60
Melissa Schullek CheyenneMountai 1:10.00
Emily Shoneman RealTraining 1:10.00
Carolina Moreno Unattached 1:10.00
Anya Carter Unattached 1:16.00
13/14 Girls 60 Meter Hurdles
Jaiden Paris ColoradoFlyersT 9.21
Zoe Gilbertson Unattached 9.30
Tate Thornton FortCollinsTC 10.37
Libby Moore RicRojasRunning NM
High School Girls 60 Meter Hurdles
Ashley Miller 32-FKElite 8.40
Miranda Money Unattached 9.25
Kiana Gomez 32-EpicTC 10.03
Jordan Edmonds FastTraxxTroupe NM
Dior Hall 32-FKElite 8.13
Tahja Doublin 32-FKElite 8.90
Carly Lester FortCollinsTC 9.23
Talia Marquez AngelFlightTC 9.38
Hannah Fertig RealTraining 9.55
Haylie Johns RealTraining 9.66
Carly Paul FortCollinsTC 10.55
Justine Sherman RicRojasRunning NM
13/14 Girls 800 Meter Run
Emily Gallegos-Francksen Unattached 2:45.00
Catie Vitella 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Julia Vitella 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Hannah Freeman RicRojasRunning NM
Libby Moore RicRojasRunning NM
High School Girls 800 Meter Run
Rachel Crutcher MontbelloCheeta 2:30.00
Erica Petersen Unattached 2:40.00
Alice Bonan RicRojasRunning NM
Tatjana Kunz RicRojasRunning NM
Amy McConnell Unattached NM
Breanna Clayton Unattached NM
Lexi Brack Unattached NM
Tori Rodriguez Unattached NM
Giulianna Vessa AngelFlightTC 2:16.89
Ashlee Johnson Unattached 2:20.00
Erin Norton Unattached 2:21.05
Alicia Taurchini Unattached 2:22.00
Kendall Richarz Unattached 2:22.00
Rachael Lopez PlatteRiverTC 2:25.00
Ashley Windom CentennialTC 2:27.00
Lauren Lipski Unattached 2:30.00
Logan Sandman RealTraining 2:36.00
Jordan Seitz Unattached 2:43.00
Sarah Herbrand Unattached 3:00.00
Tiffany Turnick Unattached 3:00.00
Tessa Slagle Unattached NM
13/14 Girls 1500 Meter Run
Emily Gallegos-Francksen Unattached 5:30.00
Lauren Zitti FortCollinsTC 6:00.00
Catie Vitella 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Julia Vitella 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Rebecca Swink PlatteRiverTC NM
High School Girls 1500 Meter Run
Lauren Ogg ValorTC 5:30.00
Savanah Nesvold Unattached 5:50.00
Miley Hall Unattached 6:00.00
Lynsie Roper Unattached 6:17.00
ALYSA MORGAN Unattached 6:50.00
Jordyn Colter 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Niki Marshall RicRojasRunning NM
Ariana Kendall Unattached NM
Kennedey McCurdy Unattached NM
Makayla Garcia Unattached NM
Nicole Hahn AngelFlightTC 5:04.00
Mary Gaide Unattached 5:30.00
Kelly McMullan Unattached 5:35.00
Gabby Marchino ValorTC 6:00.00
Samantha Steele Unattached 6:15.00
Sarah Herbrand Unattached 7:00.00
Tiffany Turnick Unattached 7:00.00
Tessa Slagle Unattached NM
13/14 Girls Long Jump
Maya Evans 32-ColoradoStep 5.33
Audra Koopman FortCollinsTC 5.14
Madison Williams FortCollinsTC 4.94
Dawnielle Lewis 32-ColoradoStep 4.65
Maya Blacken Unattached 4.62
Monique Roche FortCollinsTC 4.32
Savannah Larkins 32-EpicTC 3.66
Olivia Grenardo 10ZoomTC-1032-A NM
Lannan Abbott Unattached NM
High School Girls Long Jump
Miranda Money Unattached 5.00
Kiana Gomez 32-EpicTC 4.95
Jaida Harris AngelFlightTC 4.42
Carly Lester FortCollinsTC 5.17
Zainab Sanni AngelFlightTC 5.13
Talia Marquez AngelFlightTC 5.03
Cadi Green Unattached 4.80
Lindsay Read FortCollinsTC 4.79
Alie Olivas Unattached 4.57
Carissa Leeper Unattached 4.57
Morgan Myers 32-ColoradoRage 4.27
Jordan McClendon AngelFlightTC 4.18
High School Girls Shot Put
Nina Thomas MileHighCutthro 10.06
Erica Allen MontbelloCheeta 7.62
Rachel Pott FortCollinsTC 12.73
Natalie Schoendaller Unattached 9.60
13/14 Girls High Jump
Zoe Gilbertson Unattached 1.50
Myles Hilbert FortCollinsTC 1.40
Monique Roche FortCollinsTC 1.40
Fiona Perschke ColoradoSprings NM
Libby Moore RicRojasRunning NM
Lannan Abbott Unattached NM
High School Girls High Jump
Amy Moreng FortCollinsTC 1.48
Miranda Money Unattached 1.47
Lindsey Kroboth FortCollinsTC 1.60
Hailey Hampson Unattached 1.60
Sierra Vaden AngelFlightTC 1.45
Lindsay Read FortCollinsTC 1.38