Mullen Adidas Runners Roost Invitational 2014

Denver, CO


Elise Cranny US #2 2:08 800, Colt Sessions over 7 feet in Colorado Apr 14, 2014

The Mullen adidas Runners Roost Invitational produced many national caliber performances in Colorado this past weekend including a 2:08 in the girls 800 from Elise Cranny, 13.87 100 hurdles for Ashley Miller, 7 foot high jump clearance by Colt Sessions, and 1:53 800 posted by William Mayhew. 

Mullen Adidas Runners Roost heat sheets Apr 09, 2014

Tesfai Holt of Smoky Hill is one of the principals in what figures to be a very good pole vault competition at the Mullen Runners Roost. Colorado Track XC file photo.