Mountain Range Mustang Track & Field Invitational 2017

Westminster, CO

Meet Information

Rankings Meet: YES

Contact Information:
Chris S. Smith
Meet Director
Head Boys & Girls Track & Field Coach
Mountain Range High School
303-489-4124 (cell)

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2017 Mountain Range Mustang Track & Field Invitational Final Meet Instructions

Date: Saturday, April 15th, 2017

North Stadium-Adams 12 Five Star Schools (just east of Mountain Range HS)
12500 Delaware Street Westminster 80234

Coaching Boxes:
Coaching boxes will be set up at the following venues: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Pole Vault and High Jump. Coaches will be allowed on the infield to help coach their athletes, but may not call out splits during a race and may not show video to athletes unless they are in a designated coaching box.
**NOTE: Coaches may video from the coaching box, & may show an athlete that video while in the box
No parents/spectators are allowed in the Coaching Boxes!!

Restricted Areas:
Spectators WILL NOT be allowed inside the fence, on the track or infield.
Spectator areas and coaching boxes will be identified at all field event venues OUTSIDE of the track.
Spectator viewing areas WILL NOT be provided at any field event venue held on the track or infield.

Electronic Devices (Cell Phones, iPods, Cameras, Video Cameras, etc.): Athletes observing or competing in an event are NOT allowed to have electronic devices on the track, infield, shot put, discus, high jump, long jump, triple jump, or pole vault areas.

Pacing by a teammate not in the race or persons not participating in the event will be cause for disqualification of the competitor(s) / relay team(s). Please remind your athletes NOT to run back and forth across the track to step with or run alongside any competitor on the track. Non-competitors standing stationary alongside the track (back at least 5 yds) may verbalize encouragement to the competitor(s) only if they are there warming up for their upcoming event.

Team Camps:
Team camps are restricted to the following areas: east bleachers, and on the grass areas inside and outside of the fence on the north end of the stadium. NO camps will be allowed in the west stands, on the on the infield or Pole Vault areas.

Concessions will be available on the west side of the stadium. Coaches and meet officials will have access to a hospitality room where lunch will be provided, starting at 11:30. Your coaches wrist band will serve as your ticket for food.

The bus entrance is from the north side of the stadium coming in from Delaware Street. NOTE: After drop off, buses MUST park across the street (just west of North Stadium) in the MRHS student parking lot.

Restricted Areas:
The track, football field, discus, and shot put sectors are restricted areas for coaches/ spectators (unless a coaches box is provided.) These are areas where only competitors and meet officials are allowed. The area inside of the fence at the shot put and discus venues are considered competition areas-please make sure that your athletes DO NOT have electronic devices.

Finals Only:
This meet has been designated as a FINALS ONLY MEET for running events. For LJ/TJ/Shot Put/Discus, competitors will have 3 trials, with the top 9 moving to finals.
Starting Heights/Minimums:
NOTE: These may change depending on entries. We will measure the first non-foul mark for all
athletes, as well as any that go beyond the minimum distances, as follows:
Estimated Starting Heights
Boys High Jump: 5 3.5 Boys Pole Vault: 8 to 9 to 10 then 6
Girls High Jump: 4 3.5 Girls Pole Vault: 6 to 7 to 8 then 6

Estimated Minimums
Boys Long Jump: 18 6 Boys Discus: 110
Girls Long Jump: 14 0 Girls Discus: 85
Boys Triple Jump: 36 6 Boys Shot Put: 37 0
Girls Triple Jump: 28 0 Girls Shot Put: 27 0

Warm-up Areas for Running Events:
The warm-up area for athletes will be the infield of the track and no earlier than 45 minutes prior to their event. Please DO NOT remove hurdles from their position on the track or side of track for warm-up as they have been placed on their proper marks for upcoming races. There will be hurdles available on the infield for warm-up, and we ask that teams/athletes share those hurdles in their warm-up.

Warm-ups at Field Events:
No warm-ups will be allowed at field events until a meet official opens the venue. Once opened, the contestant must be supervised by the event judge or his/her coach. At the conclusion of each field event, venues will be closed and no further practice is allowed even if supervised by a coach.

Competitors Must Leave the Track Immediately After an Event or As Soon As Possible:
At the conclusion of all running events, athletes are asked to leave the track immediately (or as soon as possible) through the designated area closest to the finish line. The finish clerk will direct your athletes to this area. As we will be using 9 lanes, athletes will enter/exit the track from the north end of the stadium.

Spectator Admission to Event:
Adults: $5
Students/Senior Citizens: $4
Children under 10: Free

Food/Drink in Competition Area:
No food or drink is allowed in the competition area. Sunflower seeds/gum/Gatorade are the usual culprits. Each team has been provided with a large trash bag for their camp area.

Additional Information
1. 3/16 inch or 1/8 inch spikes only. Spike lengths will be checked at the check-in table. Spikes that do not meet the correct length will not be allowed. Please make sure your athletes have the correct length spike prior to Saturday. No spikes are to be worn in the stands.
2. Running event participants need to report to the clerk of the course tent by 3rd and final call. Check in for events (hip numbers) will be at the tent next to the garage located on the north end of the track.
3. Competitors will be allowed to use tape on the track to mark exchanges.
4. Jenny Van Meter, athletic trainer for MRHS will be available before, during and after the meet. She will be located at the north end of the stadium and will arrive by 8am. We would ask that athletes needing to be taped bring their own supplies (Ambulance/EMT Services will not be on site)
5. Starting blocks will be provided, however each school must provide their own batons.
6. Weigh-ins for Shot Put & Discus are required. Weigh-ins will be located at the garage on the north side of the track, and will go from 8:00 am to 8:45. Weigh-ins for Pole Vault will be held at the pole vault venue. WEIGH-INS FOR ALL FIELD EVENTS WILL END AT 8:45-any implements that do not meet competition standards will be impounded and returned at the end of the meet.