Niwot HS Invitational 2020

Lyons, CO

Meet Information

We are so excited to be hosting a meet this fall! Due to these unprecedented times meets are looking different than they ever have before. Almost everything that needs to be known is in these packets. Take the time to go through them as we will be enforcing the policies.

Important information:

1. Entries must be submitted with an appropriate 5K time. We will use these times to seed the meet fastest to slowest. We will send consecutive runners 25 yards apart, and we will provide "passing zone" expectations for passes during the race.

2. Athletes will wear a mask while warming up and at the start line. They will keep their mask during the race, though they don't need to cover their nose and mouth if they're more than 6 feet apart, and they will put their mask back on in the finish area as quickly as possible and before they depart the finish area.

3. There will be NO spectators on school grounds (other than coaches and teammates who have finished running or are preparing to run). We will make every effort to live stream the meets so parents can watch from home. We are only allowed 175 people per event, so please help your parents understand the guidelines we must work with. Everyone helping with the meet, and especially on school grounds must wear a mask.
4. Boys will run first at 9 am and girls will follow at 10 am. If you have parents providing transportation, we expect them to gather their son from the first race and be gone by the time the girls' race starts.  If you have a parent bringing their daughter to the meet, please do not arrive before 9 am.
5. There will be no awards or posted results at the meet. These results will be available online shortly after the meet.