St. Vrain Cross Country Invitational - High School 2022

Lyons, CO

Meet Information


If you are interested in competing the meet, we would like you to add the meet to your team schedule on Colorado MileSplit. Here are the steps for that process:
1. select "Teams" from the top menu
2. look up your team in the search box
3. select "Edit Team" in the blue box
4. select "Schedule" , from the top menu
5. select "Cross Country" for the season, and make sure it's for the 2022-23 school year
6. select the "Add Meet" button
7. adjust the state and date, and "add" our meet on Saturday, Sept. 17th
To verify that you're part of the meet, go back to the home page for Colorado MileSplit, select "Calendar", change the season to "Cross Country" (if necessary), find our meet in the season schedule, and select the "Teams" button to see if your school displays. If you run into any problems, feel free to call Mark Roberts at 303-570-8805. If you're a new coach,  you will need to "claim" your team and be approved by the site administrator, Bobby Reyes. 
For payment information, email Mark Roberts at:

Course Records:

High School Girls:

Allie Chipman - Mountain Vista (2015) 17:55

High School Boys:

Cerake Geberkidane - Denver East (2013) 15:15

Paul Roberts - Lyons (2014) 15:15

NO DOGS ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Please leave your pets at home.

Lyons High School is located at:

100 McConnell Drive, Lyons, CO 80540

8:05 National Anthem

8:25 - HS Girls Varsity 2A/3A - Run Unlimited, Score 4

9:00 - HS Boys Varsity 2A/3A - Run Unlimited, Score 4

9:30 - HS Girls Varsity 4A/5A - Run 10 Score 5

10:00 - 2A/3A Varsity Awards @ East Grandstand

10:05 - HS Boys Varsity 4A/5A - Run 10, score 5

10:30 - HS Girls JV

11:05 - HS Boys JV

11:35 - 4A/5A Varsity Awards @ East Grandstand

Lyons students will be live streaming the meeting use drone technology. Here's the link:

High School 5K Map: