Western Slope JV Championships 2024

Grand Junction, CO

Meet Information

2024 Western Slope JV Track & Field Championships
May 6th, 2024

Stocker Stadium, Lincoln Park, Grand Junction, CO

Welcome to the 2024 Western Slope JV Track Championships hosted by Central High School

12:00pm START (See Schedule Below)

MEET DIRECTOR: Coach Ted Leblow - ted.leblow@d51schools.org

Electronic Timed Meet:

This meet is an electronic timed meet. Each school will be allowed 6 entries initially and two relays per event. Only the top 3 finishers from each school will be scored. We will consider additional entries depending on the number of teams attending and entries requested.

  • HJ, LJ, TJ, Shot, and Discus will be 3 attempts with the top 9 advancing to finals.

ENTRY FEES: $250 per school. Please make checks payable to: Central High School

ENTRIES DUE: No later than Sunday, May 5th at 12pm. Please register on Comilesplit.com as per other meets.

We will not start an event more than 5 minutes ahead of schedule to provide predictability for athletes.

JV Championships SCHEDULE 2024

Monday May 6th:

11:30am- Coaches Meeting

12:00pm- Girls Sprint Medley (1 Heat)

12:10pm- Girls 4x800m (1 Heat)

12:25pm- Boys 4x800m (1 heat)

12:40pm- Girls 100 Hurdles (2 Heats)

12:50pm- Boys 110 Hurdles (2 Heats)

1:00pm- Girls 100m (5 Heats)

1:10pm- Boys 100m (8 Heats)

1:30pm- Girls 4x200m Relay (1 Heats)

1:40pm- Boys 4x200m Relay (1 Heats)  

1:50pm- Girls 1600m (1 Heat)

2:00pm- Boys 1600m (1 Heats)

2:10pm- Girls 4x100m Relay (1 Heats)

2:15pm- Boys 4x100m Relay (2 Heats)

2:30pm- Girls 400m (2 Heats)

2:40pm- Boys 400m (3 Heats)

2:55pm- Girls 300 Hurdles (1 Heats)

3:00pm- Boys 300 Hurdles (2 Heats)

3:10pm- Girls 800m (2 Heats) 

3:20pm- Boys 800m (2 Heats) 

3:30pm- Girls 200m (5 Heats) 

3:40pm- Boys 200m (7 Heats) 

4:00pm - Girls & Boys 3200m (1 Heat) 

4:20pm- Girls 4x400m Relay (1 Heat) 

4:30pm- Boys 4x400m Relay (1 Heat) 

Field Events (1st Session)12:00pm

Boys Shot Put(6F) 

Girls Discus(3F) 

Boys High Jump(8) 

Boys Long Jump(3F) 

Girls Triple(1F) 

Field Events (2nd Session)When 1st Session Complete

Girls High Jump(12) 

Boys Triple Jump(1F) 

Girls Shot Put(3F) 

Boys Discus(6F) 

Girls Long(2F)