Air Academy Kadet Invitational 2011



Images from Week 3 Sep 20, 2011

A collection of photos from the third week of competition that haven't yet appeared in articles. Free content.

Another Notch on Vanguard's Stick Sep 17, 2011

Proving that patience pays off, Corrine Huthoefer cruises to second (teammate Jessy Sweet won the race) after sticking to a conservative pace in early stages of the race. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Time to Ring the Liberty Bell! Sep 15, 2011

The biggest invitational of the Colorado season is nearly upon us. In Colorado, and the entire Rocky Mountain region, the Liberty Bell Invitational needs no introduction. Some coaches love it, some coaches avoid it like the plague, but its presence carries a weight no other meet in the state can rival. As we do every year, we expect to see some big things tomorrow. And this year, the weather looks to be almost as ideal as last year was dreadful. There will be no 90-degree race time temperatures this year.