A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 3A Boys

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Eli Grant is one of the 3A Boys names you might be growing a lot more familiar with over the next three years.

In this article, we set out to answer the question of which 3A Boys program had the top freshman class in the spring of 2017. This won't necessarily translate into the top team of 2018, but it will definitely have a bearing on that designation. 

More importantly, perhaps, it's easy to overlook the freshman class because you typically don't hear a lot about most of these kids. So, this is a chance to shine a little light on the up-and-coming athletes in the ranks of 3A Boys. I can't vouch for all the athletes in question staying at the schools they're listed with over the next three years, but things should stay reasonably close to what you see here.

Note: These rankings were taken directly out of the MileSplit virtual meet tool, so some of the links copied over into the article won't be functional.

100 Meter Dash

1Isaiah Salazar2020Eaton High School11.69 10
2Dylan Hilliker2020Bayfield High School11.71 8
3Andre Norman2020Lutheran High School11.90 6
4Evan Acker2020Liberty Common High School12.04 5
5John Bradley2020Liberty Common High School12.09 4
6Thomas Lowry2020D'Evelyn High School12.13 3
7Jonathan Malavasi2020Jefferson Academy12.15 2
8Cameron Wilhoite2020SkyView Academy12.19 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Isaiah Salazar2020Eaton High School23.72 10
2Evan Acker2020Liberty Common High School24.22 8
3Dylan Hilliker2020Bayfield High School24.26 6
4Luke Renfro2020Vanguard School, The24.37 5
5Thomas Lowry2020D'Evelyn High School24.43 4
6Ian Jackson2020Alamosa High School24.52 3
7Antonio Chavez2020Pueblo Central High School24.54 2
8Luke Arnold2020Lutheran High School24.71 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Evan Acker2020Liberty Common High School51.76 10
2Ian Jackson2020Alamosa High School51.99 8
3Samuel Ness2020Lutheran High School52.31 6
4Luke Renfro2020Vanguard School, The52.81 5
5Sam Horneck2020Conifer High School53.47 4
6Jonathan Malavasi2020Jefferson Academy53.81 3
7Clayton Lucero2020Florence High School53.89 2
8Ka'Shon Dunlap2020Sierra High School54.14 1
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800 Meter Run

1Cole Sprout2020Faith Christian Academy2:00.32 10
2Peter Van Cleave2020Jefferson Academy2:04.13 8
3Carlos Gutierrez2020Berthoud High School2:07.02 6
4Josh Dean2020Fort Lupton High School2:08.09 5
5Samuel Ness2020Lutheran High School2:09.95 4
6Jaden Davis2020Frontier Academy2:12.08 3
7Antonio Marquez2020Fort Lupton High School2:12.45 2
8Noah Tack2020Lutheran High School2:13.05 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Cole Sprout2020Faith Christian Academy4:22.01 10
2Mason Norman2020Classical Academy, The4:39.17 8
3Reilly Stack2020Salida High School4:51.15 6
4Jaden Davis2020Frontier Academy4:53.67 5
5Peter Van Cleave2020Jefferson Academy4:55.36 4
6Garrison Paniagua2020Delta High School4:56.66 3
7William Ledden2020Peak to Peak Charter School4:59.17 2
8Gabe King2020Platte Valley High School4:59.24 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Cole Sprout2020Faith Christian Academy9:28.57 10
2Mason Norman2020Classical Academy, The9:45.86 8
3William Ledden2020Peak to Peak Charter School10:16.10 6
4Bean Minor2020Salida High School10:26.85 5
5Jaden Davis2020Frontier Academy10:42.08 4
6Antonio Marquez2020Fort Lupton High School10:42.58 3
7Hudson Majeski2020Liberty Common High School11:02.61 2
8Cale Schafer2020Valley High School11:08.89 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Eli Grant2020Classical Academy, The15.75 10
2Sean Burns2020Sierra High School16.74 8
3Gage Tidwell2020Weld Central High School17.24 6
4Ben Williams2020Basalt High School17.63 5
5Jack Doole2020Classical Academy, The17.94 4
6Hayden Strange2020Holy Family High School17.97 3
7Nicholas Warren2020Woodland Park High School18.10 2
8Gryphin Hooper2020Platte Valley High School18.17 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Eli Grant2020Classical Academy, The40.40 10
2Adam Ambuul2020Classical Academy, The44.57 8
3Nicholas Warren2020Woodland Park High School44.77 6
4Dane Horan2020Lutheran High School44.91 5
5Gryphin Hooper2020Platte Valley High School45.03 4
6Kody Robson2020Strasburg High School45.12 3
7Alex Troso2020Holy Family High School45.13 2
8Ben Williams2020Basalt High School45.21 1
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High Jump

1Dawson Lindquist2020Steamboat Springs High School5-11 10
2Axel Henry2020Sterling High School5-9 8
3Juan Canales2020Lamar High School5-8 6
4Jacob Deardorf2020Elizabeth High School5-6 4.5
4Zace Buckhold2020Jefferson Academy5-6 4.5
6Aidan Carver2020Middle Park High School5-4 0.667
6Asher Hogan2020Classical Academy, The5-4 0.667
6Bo Cormier2020Centauri High School5-4 0.667
6Christian Presley2020Woodland Park High School5-4 0.667
6Gavin Obrecht2020Conifer High School5-4 0.667
6Harrison Tupa2020D'Evelyn High School5-4 0.667
6Jake Goldhammer2020Lutheran High School5-4 0.667
6Noah Sowards2020Centauri High School5-4 0.667
6Tofunmi Ayebusiwa2020Lutheran High School5-4 0.667
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Triple Jump

1Logan Willier2020Eaton High School39-5.5 10
2Nicholas Nijkamp2020Woodland Park High School39-3 8
3Zace Buckhold2020Jefferson Academy38-10 6
4Fisher Argosino2020Lutheran High School38-9 5
5Rex Hauptman2020Holy Family High School38-8.5 4
6Isaiah LaTour2020Lamar High School38-6 2.5
6Sean Burns2020Sierra High School38-6 2.5
8Jeffery Snyder2020Lamar High School38-2 1
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Long Jump

1Eli Grant2020Classical Academy, The21-5 10
2Fisher Argosino2020Lutheran High School19-1.5 8
3Patrick Onken2020Elizabeth High School19-0.75 6
4Zace Buckhold2020Jefferson Academy19-0 5
5Taj Cornum2020Centauri High School18-11.5 4
6Andrell Sanders2020Sierra High School18-11 3
7Dylan Hilliker2020Bayfield High School18-10.25 2
8Christian Presley2020Woodland Park High School18-7 1
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Pole Vault

1Dawson French2020Bayfield High School11-8 10
2Davey Schoenberger2020Woodland Park High School10-4 7
2Josh Yancey2020Platte Valley High School10-4 7
4Jack Tracy2020Steamboat Springs High School9-9 5
5Hunter Bellendir2020Liberty Common High School9-8 4
6Hitch Young2020Coal Ridge High School9-6 2.5
6John Foutz2020Bayfield High School9-6 2.5
8Burke Ewing2020University High School9-2 1
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Shot Put

1Remi Lucero2020Centauri High School37-10.5 10
2Jason Prisbrey2020Salida High School37-3.25 8
3Ethan Vanecek2020Eaton High School37-3 6
4Aaron Finch2020Faith Christian Academy36-11.5 5
5Peter Newman2020Lutheran High School36-5 4
6Josh Kaufmann2020Bayfield High School35-3 3
7Patrick Stowe2020Rifle High School35-1 2
8Peter Alman2020Jefferson Academy34-10 1
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1Dawson Visger2020Berthoud High School129-3 10
2Josh Kaufmann2020Bayfield High School111-5 8
3Sam Neve2020Faith Christian Academy109-2 6
4Aaron Finch2020Faith Christian Academy107-7 5
5Robert Brandau2020Lutheran High School106-7 4
6Caleb Cuevas2020Steamboat Springs High School104-7.5 3
7Taylor Sloan2020Holy Family High School103-6 2
8Michael Conde2020Vanguard School, The102-5 1

Interestingly, though the order changes up a bit, the top four teams below were also similarly represented in the actual state meet scoring this spring. So, the team powers in place in 3A Boys look to be mostly the team powers that will be staying in place over the next few years.

Team Scores

1Classical Academy, The58.67
2Faith Christian Academy46
3Lutheran High School45.34
4Bayfield High School39.5
5Eaton High School36
6Jefferson Academy33.5
7Liberty Common High School33
8Woodland Park High School24.67
9Salida High School19
10Steamboat Springs High School18
11Berthoud High School16
12Centauri High School15.34
13Sierra High School14.5
14Platte Valley High School13
15Frontier Academy12
16Alamosa High School11
16Holy Family High School11
16Vanguard School, The11
19Elizabeth High School10.5
20Fort Lupton High School10
21Lamar High School9.5
22Peak to Peak Charter School8
22Sterling High School8
24D'Evelyn High School7.67
25Basalt High School6
25Weld Central High School6
27Conifer High School4.67
28Delta High School3
28Strasburg High School3
30Coal Ridge High School2.5
31Florence High School2
31Pueblo Central High School2
31Rifle High School2
34SkyView Academy1
34University High School1
34Valley High School1
37Middle Park High School0.67