A Virtual Meet Of The Freshman Class: 4A Boys

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Dylan Schubert is one big reason the future looks promising for Thompson Valley track and field.

4A Boys was the domain of Vista Ridge and Air Academy this spring, but what does the future look like for these two programs? 

In terms of this year's freshman class, top honors for the season just completed go to Palmer Ridge, followed in succession by Pine Creek, Eagle Valley, Thompson Valley, and Harrison. And, it's worth noting that Pine Creek's top freshman distance threat--at least as judged by cross country performances--had to sit the season out due to injury. So, Pine Creek is likely sitting in a better position that we might first guess. All the more so as we ponder the prospects for sprinter David Moore.

Palmer Ridge, however, still figures at the top of the pile. And, it's not just Alex Murphy--someone the distance folks are already familiar with. Deuce Roberson, Aleksandr Solano, Brian McCarthy, and Nathan Lemke all check in as ones to watch as well. 

Harrison, of course, boasts Tyrese Van Horne who skipped being a prospect and went directly to being a thing in 4A Boys sprints. 

Thompson Valley boasts a strong freshman class from this sprint, led by distance type Dylan Schubert and hurdler Nathan Rice.

Eagle Valley figures to be a major force going forward in the pole vault with Holden Daniels and Ethan Daubs, though high jumper Matthew Turner could be turning a few more heads down the road as well.

Enjoy the journey of the next few years. And, here is what this year's virtual meet of 4A freshman boys looks like:

100 Meter Dash

1David Moore2020Pine Creek High School11.30 10
2Tyrese Van Horne2020Harrison High School11.36 8
3Maxwell Lofy2020Pine Creek High School11.50 6
4Dennis Flippin2020Vista Peak High School11.51 5
5King Ketchum2020Ponderosa High School11.53 4
6Kuba Bartnik2020Glenwood Springs High School11.56 3
7Reece Bundy2020Pueblo West High School11.64 2
8Deuce Roberson2020Palmer Ridge High School11.67 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Tyrese Van Horne2020Harrison High School22.40 10
2Dillon Crump2020Lewis-Palmer High School23.47 7
2Marshall Pike2020Discovery Canyon High School23.47 7
4Dennis Flippin2020Vista Peak High School23.76 5
5David Moore2020Pine Creek High School23.88 3.5
5Jahvell Johnson2020George Washington High School23.88 3.5
7Jose Limas2020Longmont High School23.91 2
8Isaiah Escalante-Garcia2020Pueblo East High School24.03 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Tyrese Van Horne2020Harrison High School47.95 10
2Jose Limas2020Longmont High School50.92 8
3Emrick Wells2020Niwot High School51.87 6
4Kuba Bartnik2020Glenwood Springs High School52.63 5
5Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School52.84 4
6Jacob Allen2020Cheyenne Mountain High School53.02 3
7Maxwell Lofy2020Pine Creek High School53.08 2
8Stephen Astor2020Discovery Canyon High School53.31 1
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800 Meter Run

1Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School1:59.15 10
2Adam Huonder2020Erie High School2:04.02 8
3Matthew Mettler2020Air Academy High School2:05.26 6
4Jackson Ponce De Leon2020Pine Creek High School2:06.93 5
5Ethan Kravig2020Thompson Valley High School2:07.37 4
6Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School2:08.91 3
7Tyler Imhof2020Northfield High School2:09.90 2
8Diego Martinez2020Pueblo East High School2:09.96 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School4:32.48 10
2Cruz Culpepper2020Niwot High School4:32.95 8
3Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School4:34.98 6
4Matthew Mettler2020Air Academy High School4:43.21 5
5Sean Graff2020Montrose High School4:43.76 4
6Tyler Imhof2020Northfield High School4:51.09 3
7Ben King2020Cheyenne Mountain High School4:51.15 2
8Logan Moore2020Durango High School4:52.49 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Sean Graff2020Montrose High School10:02.00 10
2Dylan Schubert2020Thompson Valley High School10:02.95 8
3Alex Murphy2020Palmer Ridge High School10:06.18 6
4Cruz Culpepper2020Niwot High School10:11.26 5
5Logan Moore2020Durango High School10:51.27 4
6Colin Szuch2020Evergreen High School10:52.04 3
7Aleksandr Solano2020Palmer Ridge High School10:53.49 2
8Henry Shugart2020George Washington High School10:54.17 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Zackary Metz2020Standley Lake High School16.48 10
2Zayden Davis2020Vista Ridge High School16.76 8
3Nathan Rice2020Thompson Valley High School16.82 6
4Brayden Pellet2020Longmont High School17.40 4.5
4Kevin Frye2020Discovery Canyon High School17.40 4.5
6Jacob Mattingley2020Palisade High School17.63 3
7Carson Campbell2020Thomas Jefferson High School17.68 2
8Giovanni Lara2020Roosevelt High School17.71 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jacob Dorn2020Pueblo West High School41.59 10
2Zayden Davis2020Vista Ridge High School43.30 8
3Nathan Rice2020Thompson Valley High School43.68 6
4Brian Schimmel2020Discovery Canyon High School43.70 5
5Carson Campbell2020Thomas Jefferson High School43.88 4
6Kevin Frye2020Discovery Canyon High School44.31 3
7Brayden Pellet2020Longmont High School44.43 2
8Tab Cire2020Erie High School44.52 1
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Triple Jump

1Carson Campbell2020Thomas Jefferson High School42-8.25 10
2Braeden Holcombe2020Sand Creek High School42-6 8
3Jaden Harrison2020Cheyenne Mountain High School41-8 6
4Walker Council2020Pine Creek High School39-10.25 5
5Nicholas Nijkamp2020Woodland Park High School39-3 4
6Alexander Rodriguez2020Pueblo Centennial High School38-8 3
7Robert Jones2020Falcon High School38-7.5 2
8Deuce Roberson2020Palmer Ridge High School38-5.5 1
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High Jump

1Matthew Turner2020Eagle Valley High School6-1 10
2Owen Koonce2020Centaurus High School6-0.5 8
3Jaden Harrison2020Cheyenne Mountain High School6-0 6
4Jackson Grady2020Longmont High School5-10.5 5
5Andrew Pixley2020Air Academy High School5-10 3.5
5Spencer Peterson2020Pine Creek High School5-10 3.5
7Giovanni Lara2020Roosevelt High School5-9.5 2
8Aj Adams2020Glenwood Springs High School5-8 0.5
8Michael Barker2020Ponderosa High School5-8 0.5
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Long Jump

1Carson Campbell2020Thomas Jefferson High School20-4.75 10
2Deuce Roberson2020Palmer Ridge High School19-11 8
3Martin Cuntz2020Durango High School19-7.5 6
4Jax Downey2020Air Academy High School19-3.5 5
5Robert Jones2020Falcon High School19-3 4
6Spencer Peterson2020Pine Creek High School18-10.75 3
7Christian Presley2020Woodland Park High School18-7 2
8Kyle Reeves2020Niwot High School18-5 1
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Pole Vault

1Holden Daniels2020Eagle Valley High School13-0.25 10
2Ethan Daubs2019Eagle Valley High School12-8 8
3Ian Rainsberger2020Air Academy High School11-9 6
4Zach Chapman2020Golden High School10-6 5
5Davey Schoenberger2020Woodland Park High School10-4 4
6Oliver White2020Eagle Valley High School10-2 3
7Jamaica Honore2020Silver Creek High School9-10 2
8Austin Stouder2020Silver Creek High School9-4 1
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1Joseph Saipaia2020Sand Creek High School123-8 10
2Carl Cox2020Palisade High School123-2 8
3Justin Podojil2020Roosevelt High School122-3 6
4Brian McCarthy2020Palmer Ridge High School121-7 5
5Jarrett Morris2020Harrison High School118-1 4
6Jackson Stricker2020Eagle Valley High School116-1 3
7Nathan Lemke2020Palmer Ridge High School111-3.25 2
8Emmanueal Taylor2020Vista Ridge High School108-6 1
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Shot Put

1Justin Podojil2020Roosevelt High School43-6.25 10
2Nathan Lemke2020Palmer Ridge High School41-8 8
3Nathaniel Johnson2020Lewis-Palmer High School40-9.5 6
4Aiden Keanaaina2020Mullen High School39-2 5
5Parker Gonser2020Windsor High School37-1.5 4
6Duke Yarde2020Battle Mountain High School36-10.25 3
7Jackson Stricker2020Eagle Valley High School36-7.25 2
8Steven Coleman2020Mullen High School36-6 1