2017 St. Vrain Invitational Meet Preview

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There are few spectacles in Colorado high school cross country at stirring as the St. Vrain start.

The forecasts for parking, race announcing, and meet management are outstanding. The weather forecast not as much so. Temperatures will be climbing with alacrity even by the time the first races begin. The barometer will be in the doldrums. There will likely be some lingering haze from the fires in California, and in Oregon, and in Washington, and in Montana, and in.... That said, it's never a bad day for a cross country race. Well, almost never. 

There are four races to talk about here. The 2A/3A Girls, the 4A/5A Girls, the 2A/3A Boys, and the 4A/5A Boys. We'll give one page to each. 

Before we get there, though, you might need a program to help you know who's running in which races. I'll help you with that here and now. 

You can reliably expect that all 4A and 5A teams will be racing in the 4A/5A races. It's the 2A/3A teams that get sticky. Peak to Peak's girls will be racing 4A/5A, but the boys will not. TCA's boys will be racing 4A/5A, but the girls will not. Denver North is 4A in track, but 3A in cross country and so will be running both teams in the 2A/3A races. That should take care of all of those kind of issues. 

And, as a bonus issue for the day, Saturday is also the major fall administration of the ACT test. So, almost every team could be dealing with a missing athlete or two (and some of those athletes could actually be entered in the race even so). 

So, let's go to the race previews. Click on Next to check out the 2A/3A girls preview.