A Flurry Of League Meets: #6, Jeffco 4A/5A

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Drew Johnson has enjoyed a sensational season to date and is not to be overlooked among the candidates for the Jeffco 5A Boys individual title.

This one will be a little longer than previous editions of the flurry-of-league-meets series. That's because the Jeffco has both a 4A and a 5A division. So, we'll need four pages to complete this one.

Each page will follow the pattern of this page--a virtual meet through the first 100 runners and then a discussion of things the virtual meet doesn't necessarily tell you.

The actual meet action takes place at Clement Park in Littleton. It's a course that's about half hard surface and about half not. It tends to run fast when temperatures are cool, but warmer temperatures are in the forecast for Thursday.

We'll kick things off with 5A Boys, then move to 5A Girls, to 4A Boys, and finally to 4A Girls:

Championship Meet - 8 Teams

1Connor Ohlson10Dakota Ridge High School15:26.721
2Austin Vancil11Dakota Ridge High School15:30.112
3Drew Johnson12Chatfield High School15:38.703
4Chase Dornbusch12Lakewood High School15:51.004
5Ben Morrin10Dakota Ridge High School16:03.275
6Mark Testa12Dakota Ridge High School16:13.816
7Colin Berndt12Arvada West High School16:15.007
8Andres Perez12Arvada West High School16:16.008
9Cole Nash10Chatfield High School16:16.709
10Nick Nowlen12Ralston Valley High School16:24.0010
11Riley Abrashoff11Dakota Ridge High School16:35.2611
12Drew Craig11Arvada West High School16:36.0012
13Ben Piegat10Dakota Ridge High School16:38.1413
14Gavin Jones12Ralston Valley High School16:40.0014
15Jacob White9Dakota Ridge High School17:04.5015
16Kyle Sterns12Ralston Valley High School17:05.0016
17Jacob Valdez12Arvada West High School17:12.0017
18Cody Elder11Arvada West High School17:17.0018
19Brendan Lutz12Chatfield High School17:27.3019
20Josh Potwin12Chatfield High School17:27.7020
21Charlie Gordon10Lakewood High School17:29.0021
22Nicholas Oliveira11Arvada West High School17:32.0022
23Drew Valerio11Dakota Ridge High School17:32.06--
24Aidan Mobley10Lakewood High School17:33.0023
25Wyatt Oglesby10Dakota Ridge High School17:35.17--
26Richard Sternesky11Bear Creek High School17:39.0024
27Alex Granquist11Lakewood High School17:42.2025
28Clifton Thompson9Lakewood High School17:43.0026
29Benjamin Brandt11Ralston Valley High School17:47.0027
30Ryan Dunning12Columbine High School17:54.0028
31Kevin May11Lakewood High School17:55.0029
32Andrew Connell11Arvada West High School17:56.0030
33Aaron Busche11Bear Creek High School18:01.0031
34Jordan Cook11Columbine High School18:03.0032
35Cody Ohlson11Pomona High School18:03.0033
36Grant O'Shea12Ralston Valley High School18:05.0034
37Kiesin Adams12Ralston Valley High School18:07.0035
38Kaelen Moore10Chatfield High School18:07.0036
39Stefan Los12Dakota Ridge High School18:10.25--
40Caden Gigstad10Ralston Valley High School18:12.0037
41Spencer Greenley11Columbine High School18:12.0038
42Ezekiel Kuntz9Dakota Ridge High School18:14.00--
43Max Link10Arvada West High School18:17.00--
44Trenton Stoner11Arvada West High School18:19.00--
45Manny Lovato10Bear Creek High School18:20.0039
46Ethan Grolnic9Ralston Valley High School18:21.00--
47Hunter Gasper11Arvada West High School18:25.00--
48James Ramey9Ralston Valley High School18:26.00--
49Dominic Danborn9Arvada West High School18:32.00--
50Ryan Young10Chatfield High School18:32.4040
51Mason Simcox12Chatfield High School18:32.6041
52Spencer Lipsteuer11Chatfield High School18:35.40--
53Jack Donze9Ralston Valley High School18:38.00--
54Dugan Litchkowski9Dakota Ridge High School18:42.00--
55Kyle Reents10Ralston Valley High School18:45.00--
56Caleb Matteson12Lakewood High School18:46.0042
57Troy Bowen11Ralston Valley High School18:48.00--
58Colton Jahr12Lakewood High School18:50.00--
59Simon Straub9Dakota Ridge High School18:50.69--
60Travis Stauffenberg10Columbine High School18:52.0043
61Declan Murphy11Lakewood High School18:55.00--
62Clayton Mahoney12Chatfield High School18:57.20--
63Yibo Zhan10Columbine High School18:58.0044
64Eric Hart9Columbine High School18:59.0045
65Ethan Straub9Dakota Ridge High School19:00.87--
66Max Murphy11Lakewood High School19:15.00--
67Trevor Dodson12Dakota Ridge High School19:16.00--
68Jack Mauro12Columbine High School19:18.0046
69Jacob Baer12Columbine High School19:27.00--
70Owen Petruzzi10Chatfield High School19:29.00--
71Logan Spindler10Chatfield High School19:29.60--
72Brody Reynolds10Arvada West High School19:31.00--
73Nathan Bennion10Dakota Ridge High School19:31.76--
74Thomas White10Pomona High School19:32.0047
75Tyler Candler12Chatfield High School19:33.00--
76Deksyos Damtew12Lakewood High School19:35.00--
77Dallas Hackett12Arvada West High School19:36.00--
78Zane Prose12Lakewood High School19:37.00--
79Casey Amori10Lakewood High School19:38.00--
80Kurt Nickels11Columbine High School19:45.00--
81Andrew Repasy11Pomona High School19:48.0048
82Eli Schulman11Dakota Ridge High School19:49.00--
83Colin Dudley12Chatfield High School19:49.40--
84Luke Aden10Dakota Ridge High School19:52.90--
85Rylan Moore11Ralston Valley High School19:53.00--
86Max Carman10Arvada West High School19:57.00--
87Michael Shakely11Ralston Valley High School19:58.00--
88Spencer Mancuso10Columbine High School19:59.00--
89Jack Heath10Lakewood High School19:59.00--
90Wambdi Clairmont10Lakewood High School20:00.00--
91Dustin Rapp10Bear Creek High School20:02.0049
92Clay Woodall9Arvada West High School20:04.00--
93Micah McClanahan10Pomona High School20:05.0050
94Sean Oscar11Pomona High School20:08.0051
95Bradley Weaver9Dakota Ridge High School20:12.00--
96Jared Amsberry10Columbine High School20:13.00--
97Levi Baxter9Dakota Ridge High School20:15.00--
98Jadon Mangrum9Ralston Valley High School20:17.00--
99Joseph Call11Arvada West High School20:19.00--
100Stanko Ljuboja11Columbine High School20:20.00--

Championship Meet - 8 Teams Team Scores

1Dakota Ridge High School25125611--
2Arvada West High School6278121718--
3Chatfield High School8739192036--
4Lakewood High School99421232526--
5Ralston Valley High School1011014162734--
6Columbine High School1852832384344--
7Bear Creek High School1962431394953--
8Pomona High School2293347485051--

Despite the fact that Chatfield has been performing well above historical norms this season, this league meet still figures to come down between Dakota Ridge and Arvada West, with Dakota Ridge getting the nod as the likely favorite. 

Dakota Ridge's virtual meet does have the advantage of a stop at the Joe Vigil Invitational, but the Eagles aren't getting it done with smoke and mirrors this fall. Dakota Ridge has mixed things up nicely with the best teams in 5A. It's a very strong team they bring to the table, and--not coincidentally--a very deep one, too.

Arvada West has been solid all season long, though perhaps a step or two behind Dakota Ridge. Arvada West is clearly the top threat to knock off Dakota Ridge, but it will rank as an entry in the "upset" column if they pull it off. 

Chatfield and Lakewood probably rate a bit more ahead of Ralston Valley for third and fourth than the virtual meet shows. As a whole, Chatfield and Lakewood have both stuck to more difficult courses than Ralston Valley. But, with a solid showing, any of these three teams could end up in the third-place slot.

Individually, Dakota Ridge brings Austin Vancil and Connor Ohlson to the table. If there's an advantage in two guys working together most of the way for the individual title, that advantage belongs to Vancil and Ohlson. Chatfield's Drew Johnson has had a very nice series of finishes this season as well and certainly figures among the better possibilities.

Rounding out the likely considerations for the individual title is Chase Dornbusch of Lakewood. He's won a few meets this fall, too, and must be given his due.

Between these four guys, there is an amazing count of seven meet titles this fall. Tomorrow, that count likely goes to eight.

If you're interested in further exploration of the match-ups, I've started you out with a comparison of Chase Dornbusch and Connor Ohlson below. You can change the names on the Compare Athlete feature to your heart's content:

Dornbush vs. Ohlson

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