A Flurry Of League Meets: #7, Eric Wolff

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Championship Meet - 17 Teams

1Ethan Reschke12Sargent High School16:46.631
2Richard Sais12Alamosa High School16:50.192
3Colton Stice11Gunnison High School17:06.83
4Phillip Hufman11Dolores High School17:19.904
5Derek Van Berkum10Centauri High School17:28.525
6Jon Wilkinson12Gunnison High School17:29.006
7Micah Zeller9Custer County High School17:37--
8Garrett Butts11Gunnison High School17:38.807
9Kaleb Buffington11Pagosa Springs High School17:39.008
10Jacob Robirds12Sargent High School17:43.859
11Gabe Murphy10Lake City Community School17:45.39--
12Kason Smith11Alamosa High School17:47.0010
13Riley Kenison9Sargent High School17:47.2611
14Maximo Salazar11Alamosa High School17:50.1012
15Nigel Cortright10Sargent High School17:54.2713
16Noah Gorman12Pagosa Springs High School18:02.0014
17Alex Baca9Gunnison High School18:03.4015
18Carlos Parra12Del Norte High School18:07.73--
19Josh Medina9Alamosa High School18:09.0016
20Brennan Stice9Gunnison High School18:16.4017
21Derek Quintana12Centennial High School18:19.65--
22Elias Zeller11Custer County High School18:22.00--
23Finley Petit10Salida High School18:25.0018
24Jake Vold10Salida High School18:29.0019
25James Thomas11Pagosa Springs High School18:40.9320
26Trenton Buffington10Pagosa Springs High School18:46.0021
27Bo Cormier10Centauri High School18:49.7922
28Brennan Hite11Dolores High School18:52.0023
29Cole Cayard11Pagosa Springs High School18:53.0024
30Jacob Garner11Rye High School18:53.9925
31Carlos Barrientos10Salida High School19:00.3326
32Jack Foster9Pagosa Springs High School19:07.9327
33Sabian Storm12Moffat High School19:09.84--
34Keanan Anderson12Pagosa Springs High School19:13.4128
35Evan-Emian Bell12Alamosa High School19:17.6729
36Samuel Lorenz11Del Norte High School19:18.40--
37Michael Peterson10Sargent High School19:22.5630
38Cimmaron Mestas11Centauri High School19:32.4131
39Zach Vance10Alamosa High School19:34.5032
40Michael Valdez9Alamosa High School19:38.6033
41Jeremiah Taylor9Custer County High School19:39.00--
42Wiley Smith11Salida High School19:40.0034
43Josiah Shown11Alamosa High School19:43.02--
44Jason Vader12Gunnison High School19:43.1035
45Wulf Stark11Gunnison High School19:48.6036
46Zack Sandoval11Centauri High School19:50.2937
47Jayden Morgan9Alamosa High School19:51.47--
48Colton Liddell10Alamosa High School19:57.95--
49Jordan Sierra11Sargent High School20:02.1938
50Jamie Brooks10Alamosa High School20:03.88--
51Zebuel Alexander10Gunnison High School20:10.00--
52Jeremy Coombs11Centauri High School20:15.0239
53Dante Marinucci10Salida High School20:16.4040
54Ethan Gerig11Rye High School20:23.0041
55Mason Blakemore10Pagosa Springs High School20:23.04--
56Noah Carothers11Salida High School20:24.0042
57Genaro Rodriguez12Antonito High School20:27.4943
58Trey Wilson10Pagosa Springs High School20:29.00--
59Elan Rameriz9Pagosa Springs High School20:29.00--
60Phillip Reed12Rye High School20:42.0044
61Nate Lewis11Pagosa Springs High School20:42.95--
62Logan Cestone9Del Norte High School20:43.00--
63Jayden Gomez12Centauri High School20:46.5945
64Zach Ruiz10Rye High School20:51.9046
65Cailin Boone12Moffat High School20:51.92--
66Jacob Billingsly10Gunnison High School20:55.10--
67Hunter Paiz11Center High School20:56.00--
68Austin Abeyta11Antonito High School20:57.0047
69Gabe Heraty9Pagosa Springs High School21:02.13--
70Carson Grose12Pagosa Springs High School21:07.70--
71Tyler Laudick11Gunnison High School21:10.90--
72Jeremy Coombs11Alamosa High School21:14.00--
73Nathan Sisneros-Padilla9Antonito High School21:20.8848
74John Kattnig12Gunnison High School21:26.00--
75Sam Goodman11Rye High School21:28.0049
76Joshua Garner9Rye High School21:35.0050
77Clayton Cayard9Pagosa Springs High School21:38.00--
78Joey Lucero10Antonito High School21:46.1751
79Nick Razey9Rye High School21:57.0052
80Bryce Vincent10Gunnison High School22:24.00--
81Nicholas Roth9Pagosa Springs High School22:29.57--
82Fidel Villa12Center High School22:53.54--
83Aiden Fletcher9Antonito High School23:01.5853
84Josh Petrow11Dolores High School23:12.0054
85Dusty Rochester10Rye High School23:24.00--
86Ethan DeMeules10Salida High School23:48.0055
87Eric Lorenz9Del Norte High School24:40.56--
88Zeke Hersch10Salida High School24:48.00--
89Edward Aragon9Center High School25:08.69--
90Jesus Rodriguez10Antonito High School25:16.2056
91Hyrum Reed9Centauri High School25:19.0057
92Patrick Mckinney9Rye High School25:46.00--
93Tim Wyman9Dolores High School25:59.0058
94James Carson9Dolores High School26:25.0059
95Max Mondragon11Centennial High School29:41.69--
96River McCord11Moffat High School32:07.55--
97Jesse Duran12Antonito High School32:33.0060
98Andrew Primeau11Dolores High School34:01.0061

Championship Meet - 17 Teams Team Scores

1Gunnison High School483671517--
2Sargent High School6419111330--
3Alamosa High School69210121629--
4Pagosa Springs High School87814202124--
5Centauri High School134522313739--
6Salida High School1371819263440--
7Dolores High School198423545859--
8Rye High School2052541444649--
9Antonito High School2424347485153--
--Lake City Community SchoolNTS
--Custer County High SchoolNTS
--Centennial High SchoolNTS
--Moffat High SchoolNTS
--Del Norte High SchoolNTS
--Center High SchoolNTS

Note that I left Richard Sais of Alamosa in the virtual meet. He is listed among the entries and missed last week's meet at Doherty, so it makes sense to include him here.

Still, the top two teams come out as Gunnison and Sargent. With Gunnison's legacy of building times on slower courses this season, they should figure as a heavy favorite on the boys side, even if the virtual meet does put them within range of both Sargent and Alamosa. 

In fact, both Sargent and Alamosa may be vulnerable to Pagosa Springs from the backside.

It's tempting to say the individual crown comes down between Ethan Reschke and Richard Sais, but take a close look at who's listed at #3. As much as both Sais and Reschke would love to pick up their first high school cross country win here, Colton Stice is going to be a tough nut to crack on that score. I'm projecting Stice as the winner.

But, so that you can do some checking on your own and come to your own conclusions, I've primed the pump on the Compare Athletes tool with a side-by-side on Colton Stice and Richard Sais. You can change names as you wish and do as much comparing down the line as you like.

Colton Stice vs. Richard Sais