Regional Forecasts: 3A Region 4

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Ashley Hinojos headlines Brush's hopes to return to making state meet team trips a standing tradition in Brush.

They'll be coming to Greeley to determine who lives to run another week and who packs it in for the season. Regional meets are unforgiving that way. Essentially any 3A school that is north of Fort Lupton and east of Estes Park calls this region home. And, Greeley makes a nice, central meeting place to settle things.

We'll start this time with the girls.

3A Region 4 Girls

1Frontier Academy (CO)49
1) Hannah Ellis19:00.001
2) Samantha Angus20:34.705
3) Julia Brown21:04.708
4) Aleigha Street21:26.0011
5) Emma Murphy22:09.6024
Average Time: 20:51.00 Total Time: 1:44:15.00 1-5 Split: 3:09.60
6) Sarah Ellis22:11.2025
7) Audrynn Street22:26.0029
2Brush High School (CO)86
1) Ashley Hinojos20:25.004
2) Jordan Kendrick21:13.0010
3) Emma Stone21:27.0012
4) Madelyn Sawyer22:05.0019
5) Angelis Medina23:02.0041
Average Time: 21:38.40 Total Time: 1:48:12.00 1-5 Split: 2:37.00
6) Morgan Barfuss23:17.0044
7) Elysia Dory23:33.0048
3Berthoud High School (CO)100
1) Maycee White20:54.006
2) Cailey Archer20:56.007
3) Ellie Sundheim21:36.0014
4) Alex Schultz22:38.0034
5) Alyssa Radloff23:01.0039
Average Time: 21:49.00 Total Time: 1:49:05.00 1-5 Split: 2:07.00
6) Kathryn Mathiesen23:15.7042
7) Liz Bosnich23:21.0045
4Eaton High School (CO)107
1) McKenna Cyphers21:05.009
2) Katelynn LeClair21:40.0015
3) Mikayla Schwartz22:09.0023
4) Dallas Duncan22:18.0027
5) Angelica Orozco22:37.0033
Average Time: 21:57.80 Total Time: 1:49:49.00 1-5 Split: 1:32.00
6) Dayana Pena23:02.0040
7) Rebecca Doughty23:50.6155
5Resurrection Christian High School (CO)128
1) Ellie Fantauzzo20:08.903
2) Kate Woodward22:04.0017
3) Averi Phillips22:29.7030
4) Jadyn Hanson22:40.2035
5) Leisbeth Swift23:16.7043
Average Time: 22:07.90 Total Time: 1:50:39.50 1-5 Split: 3:07.80
6) Gracie Stults23:37.7049
7) Emerson Langer23:43.0053
6Sterling High School (CO)164
1) Tristan Yocom21:55.0016
2) Amber Gibbs22:06.0020
3) Joslyne Lopez22:21.0028
4) Rachael Northup23:22.0046
5) Sydney Wright23:43.0054
Average Time: 22:41.40 Total Time: 1:53:27.00 1-5 Split: 1:48.00
6) Rebecca Miller24:17.0060
7) Cassidy Amen25:34.0065
7University High School (CO)188
1) Kylie Kravig19:47.002
2) Pamela Richmeier22:18.0026
3) Katherine Richmeier23:30.8047
4) Samantha Yost23:58.0056
5) Bella Romero24:10.0057
Average Time: 22:44.76 Total Time: 1:53:43.80 1-5 Split: 4:23.00
6) Kenzie Willoughby25:22.0063
7) Grace Hettinger27:07.5776
8Liberty Common High School (CO)188
1) Josie Doman22:05.0018
2) Rosemary Engles22:31.0032
3) Elizabeth Martinez22:42.0036
4) Miranda Levy23:39.8050
5) Eva Hoskins23:41.5952
Average Time: 22:55.88 Total Time: 1:54:39.39 1-5 Split: 1:36.59
6) Amber Moore25:59.1267
7) Trinity Scarpella26:49.2174
9Estes Park High School (CO)201
1) Annalise Basch22:08.0022
2) Mae Tice22:30.8631
3) Charlotte Raymond22:58.0038
4) Zoe Stein23:41.3651
5) Samantha Daley24:13.4259
Average Time: 23:06.33 Total Time: 1:55:31.64 1-5 Split: 2:05.42
6) Eva Stein25:28.5764
7) Meila Igel26:32.4571
10Strasburg High School (CO)228
1) Rachel Handy21:33.0013
2) Reaghan Rinow22:06.0021
3) Allison Drummond24:10.0058
4) Sarah Pachl24:18.0061
5) Kendal Powell26:59.5675
Average Time: 23:49.31 Total Time: 1:59:06.56 1-5 Split: 5:26.56
6) Isabella Martin37:50.0082
11Fort Lupton High School (CO)331
1) Monica Marquez22:54.0037
2) Rosaelena Cardenas25:52.0066
3) Alyssa Delaney26:47.0073
4) Gabrielle Norby27:29.0077
5) Evelyn Felix27:34.0078
Average Time: 26:07.20 Total Time: 2:10:36.00 1-5 Split: 4:40.00
6) Joanna Santibanez33:07.0081
12Valley High School (CO)341
1) Cindy Castillo24:31.7062
2) Kyrah Aguirre26:04.0068
3) Crystal Acosta Martinez26:17.8069
4) Gloria Veleta26:25.1070
5) Osiris Zatarain26:46.6072
Average Time: 26:01.04 Total Time: 2:10:05.20 1-5 Split: 2:14.90
6) Molly Rymes28:01.8079
7) Skye Hove31:29.0080

It's fair to say that Frontier Academy has a good, solid leg up on the rest of the region. The Wolverines don't need to win the region to advance, but it seems likely they will, anyway.

The next four places get a lot more interesting. 

The next four places in the virtual meet go Brush, Berthoud, Eaton, and Resurrection Christian. Virtual meets tend to handicap teams that have run a more demanding set of courses and Brush and Berthoud likely claim more a more demanding set of courses than Eaton (which ran Thornton) and Resurrection (which ran Liberty Bell).

On that basis, you would tend to want to think Brush and Berthoud stand on more certain footing than Eaton and Resurrection Christian, but it's all so close you definitely don't want to start taking anything for granted here.

Then, you throw a wrench into the works when you stop to realize Estes Park beat each of Eaton, Resurrection, and Brush at the Patriot League meet. It was the Bobcats' home course, but it's still difficult to miss the message there.

It would be a good idea to keep Estes Park in your calculations for team possibilities, but they probably do lose something of an edge when the meet travels to Greeley. 

In short, no team from second place on down in this virtual meet can afford to check in at the starting line figuring they have a state meet berth in the bag.

If Hannah Ellis is fully healthy, and maybe even if she isn't, she figures as the individual favorite. She certainly dominated at the Patriot League meet, and Greeley should be more favorable for her than Estes Park.

Kylie Kravig, Ellie Fantauzzo, Samantha Angus, and Ashley Hinojos figure to make up the next group, but I would not care to try to speculate on the order in which these four will finish.

All that brings us to the discussion of individual qualifiers for State. A lot, of course, depends on exactly which teams qualify for State. I won't try to play out all of those scenarios. You and I both have a bedtime.

But, among individuals on teams that are probably outside of the team qualification hunt, Kylie Kravig definitely figures as a likely state qualifier. To my eyes, the rest of the likely qualifiers look to be members of teams that are in the hunt for team berths to State.

There will be much for the timing system to sort out when runners start crossing the finish line.

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