2017 Nevada State Meet Boys Power Merge

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There is limited utility in creating a power merge for the Nevada state cross country meet in that there's barely 20 complete teams competing to begin with. I took the power merge down to 11 teams for boys to give the clearest possible indication of how the top teams stack up against one another, but it doesn't add a great deal to what you'd learn from a full merge.

This page is the individual scoring of the power merge. The next page is the team scoring.

5,000 Meter Run

1William Fallini-haas2018Spring Creek High School16:39.00 1
2Andrew Ribeiro2018Spanish Springs16:52.00 2
3Matthew Hakin2018Spanish Springs16:59.00 3
4Daniel Horner2019Spanish Springs17:06.00 4
5Milton Amezcua2018Green Valley High School17:15.00 5
6Conner Nicholas2019Desert Oasis High School17:20.00 6.5
6Noah Ayala2019Arbor View High School17:20.00 6.5
8Keith Williams2018Arbor View High School17:21.00 8
9Jc Schoonmaker2018North Tahoe High17:24.00 9
10Aric Turner2018Damonte Ranch High School17:29.00 10
11Tom Dougherty2020Coronado High School17:32.00 11
12Mason Keach2019McQueen High School17:33.00 12
13Alexander Miller2019Centennial High17:37.00 13
14Ian Jackson2018Arbor View High School17:40.00 14
15Alex Klekas2019Elko High School17:43.00 15
16Connor Van Cott2020Damonte Ranch High School17:55.00 17
16Martin Nelson2018Green Valley High School17:55.00 17
16Spencer Thomas2018Spring Creek High School17:55.00 17
19Cristian Kongsrud2019Green Valley High School17:58.00 19
20Logan Grange2020McQueen High School17:59.00 20
21Matthew Rice2019McQueen High School18:00.00 21
22Cole Hendriks2019Spanish Springs18:05.00 22
23Aaron Fairbanks2021McQueen High School18:07.00 23.5
23Andrew Parker2018Arbor View High School18:07.00 23.5
25Brien Hosier2018Desert Oasis High School18:10.00 25.5
25Ty Huel2020Centennial High18:10.00 25.5
27Eddie Smisson2020Coronado High School18:11.00 27.5
27Jalen Gourrier2020Centennial High18:11.00 27.5
29Carter Moore2018McQueen High School18:14.00 30.5
29Hunter Beadell2018Spanish Springs18:14.00 30.5
29Noah Mahlke2019Spring Creek High School18:14.00 30.5
29Traylen Ruch2019Desert Oasis High School18:14.00 30.5
33Eduardo Lopez-cortez2020Centennial High18:15.00 34.5
33Jacob Galletti2020Spanish Springs18:15.00 34.5
33Jesus Narciso2018Green Valley High School18:15.00 34.5
33Tim Conaway2018Coronado High School18:15.00 34.5
37Tucker Raymond2020Centennial High18:17.00 37
38Donavan Joseph2019Centennial High18:18.00 38
39Etienne Bordes2021North Tahoe High18:19.00 39
40Alex Whitham2019North Tahoe High18:20.00 41
40Noah Norris2021Centennial High18:20.00 41
40Phoenix Sanchez2021North Tahoe High18:20.00 41
43Ayden Patricelli2020Green Valley High School18:21.00 43.5
43Ryan Barnard2018Coronado High School18:21.00 43.5
45Carson Lamberth2021North Tahoe High18:22.00 45.5
45Xavier Angus2020Damonte Ranch High School18:22.00 45.5
47Landon Morrison2019Desert Oasis High School18:24.00 47.5
47Ricardo Haro2018Desert Oasis High School18:24.00 47.5
49Curtis Prescott2018Elko High School18:25.00 50
49Jose Ortega2018Damonte Ranch High School18:25.00 50
49Mario Gutierrez2020Arbor View High School18:25.00 50
52Tj Stevens2018Elko High School18:27.00 52
53Sean Klekas2021Elko High School18:28.00 54
53Shane Helton2018McQueen High School18:28.00 54
53Tayden Hammond2021McQueen High School18:28.00 54
56George Skivington2019Spring Creek High School18:33.00 56.5
56Spencer White2019Desert Oasis High School18:33.00 56.5
58Logan Allen2019Spring Creek High School18:37.00 58.5
58Trevor Bruch2018Elko High School18:37.00 58.5
60Nathan Collins2018Coronado High School18:42.00 60
61Matthew Myers2020Arbor View High School18:43.00 61
62Esondre Christian2021Green Valley High School18:44.00 62
63John Medrano2020Arbor View High School18:46.00 63.5
63Riley Hacker2019North Tahoe High18:46.00 63.5
65Secody Charley2021Spring Creek High School18:51.00 65
66Peter Neff2019Elko High School18:52.00 66
67James Daniels2018Spanish Springs18:59.00 67.5
67Liam Tracy2020Damonte Ranch High School18:59.00 67.5
69Bryce Tondryk2020Coronado High School19:04.00 69
70Brendan Graves2020Coronado High School19:07.00 70
71Matthew Henning2018Spring Creek High School19:09.00 71
72Alton Edwards2020Damonte Ranch High School19:12.00 72
73Jaime Lopez Valero2020Green Valley High School19:15.00 73
74Corey Joslin2019North Tahoe High19:25.00 74
75Jimmy Murphy2021Elko High School19:48.00 75
76Curtis Sport Cowan2020Desert Oasis High School20:58.00 76