What Does 2A Boys Look Like For Next Year?

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Seth Bruxvoort and his companions in green could be the 2A Boys team to beat next fall.

It's time for a look at 2A Boys. We'll run two different virtual meets of returning runners. The first will be a virtual meet all ALL returning runners. I'll show the top 150 of those athletes on this page. Then, the next page will show the team scoring of that virtual meet. And, since there is a proposal on the floor to change team scoring to 6/4, I'll do both 6/3 and 6/4 scoring on page 2. 

Then, in an effort to run a virtual meet where the course variable is eliminated, I'll do a second virtual meet with only the returning runners from this year's state meet. Individuals will be shown on page 3, team scoring (6/3 only) will be shown on page 4.

None of this provides a perfect preview of next fall's 2A Boys, but it does move us closer to an understanding of what things should be like.

5000 Meter Run (Returning Runners, Top 150)

1Jaden Evans2019Telluride High School16:13.27 1
2Isaac Roberts2020Lyons High School16:14.60 2
3Levi Kilian2019Heritage Christian Academy16:27.00 3
4Seth Bruxvoort2019Heritage Christian Academy16:40.00 4
5Adam Maal2019St. Mary`s High School16:54.00 5
6Mason Howard2020Peyton High School16:59.50 6
7Micah Zeller2021Custer County High School17:01.60 7
8Keaton Case2019Heritage Christian Academy17:03.00 8
9Cooper Rondinelli2019Ouray High School17:09.16 9
10Josiah Bowsher2019Heritage Christian Academy17:16.00 10
11Phillip Hufman2019Dolores High School17:19.90 11
12Wesley Davies2019Clear Creek High School17:24.00 12
13Colton Jonjak-Plahn2019Lyons High School17:25.70 13
14Sammy Schuemann2019Peyton High School17:26.00 14
15Derek Van Berkum2020Centauri High School17:28.52 15
16Andre stablein2020Front Range Christian17:34.50 16
17Simon Stone2020Lyons High School17:36.50 17
18Joseph Reininger2019St. Mary`s High School17:38.10 18
19Joe Coburn2019Crested Butte Community School17:38.79 19
20Paul McDonald2019Golden View Classical Academy17:42.00 20
21Zach Briggs2019Ouray High School17:42.50 21
22Noel Lopez2020Rocky Ford High School17:42.93 22
23Riley Kenison2021Sargent High School17:47.26 23
24Hunter Hermsen2019Heritage Christian Academy17:50.00 24
25Nigel Cortright2020Sargent High School17:54.27 25
26Kelsey Montague2020Peyton High School17:55.00 26
27Ethan Bartlett2019Paonia High School17:58.20 27
28Harley Ewert2019Paonia High School17:58.30 28
29Owen Berry2020Buena Vista High School18:13.00 29
30Brennan Hite2019Dolores High School18:18.67 30
31Logan Green2020Paonia High School18:19.47 31
32Elias Zeller2019Custer County High School18:22.00 32
33Rosston Sherlock2021Buena Vista High School18:28.00 33
34Andrew Rutherford2020Heritage Christian Academy18:31.00 34
35Tanner Hughes2021Peyton High School18:33.00 35
36Joel Schluessler2021Peyton High School18:34.00 36
37Elijah Evans2020Paonia High School18:36.02 37
38Nick Boggess2020Lyons High School18:38.00 38
39Joshua Rivera2019Lake County High School18:41.00 39
40Anthony Earl2020Front Range Christian18:42.10 40
41Adam Smith2019Denver Christian High School18:42.80 --
42Braedon Whaley2019Peyton High School18:43.00 41
43Joseph Stock2021Crested Butte Community School18:43.68 42
44Harold Rayos2021Ouray High School18:46.79 43
45Florian Weiss2019Loveland Classical High School18:47.00 --
46Bo Cormier2020Centauri High School18:49.79 44
47Sebastian Ekeren2020Denver Christian High School18:50.00 --
48Jacob Garner2019Rye High School18:53.99 45
49Xander Stanton2021Heritage Christian Academy18:54.00 --
50Nick Clifford2021Caprock Academy High School18:55.70 46
51Kyle Hutsell2020Limon High School18:55.80 --
52Brad Veilleux2019Soroco High School18:56.40 47
53Nick Jung2019Hotchkiss High School18:59.28 48
54Tevin Keller2020Hotchkiss High School18:59.66 49
55Spencer Keating2019Telluride High School19:01.60 50
56Grayson Harris2021Denver Academy19:02.00 51
57Jeremy Swaim2020Caprock Academy High School19:02.15 52
58Caden Callaway2019Wiggins High School19:03.00 53.5
58Parker Harris2019Denver Academy19:03.00 53.5
60Jordan Shackelford2020Lyons High School19:04.00 55.5
60Sawyer Kitting2019Clear Creek High School19:04.00 55.5
62Axel Vasquez2019Yuma High School19:05.00 57
63Kenny Drbohlav2021Hotchkiss High School19:06.58 58
64Andrew Moore2020Pikes Peak Christian19:06.63 --
65Ashton Galyean2019Buena Vista High School19:07.00 59
66Alan Cano2020Springfield High School19:10.00 --
67Adam Figgins2019Nederland High School19:13.00 60
68Max Faust2019Crested Butte Community School19:14.68 61
69Issac Hutchings2021Buena Vista High School19:15.00 62.5
69Jayden DeLeon2021Rocky Ford High School19:15.00 62.5
71Pake Burke2019Meeker High School19:15.70 64
72Tim Long2020Platte Canyon High School19:16.10 65
73Meshach Baca-Gomberg2019Telluride High School19:18.25 66
74Samuel Lorenz2019Del Norte High School19:18.40 67
75Diego Escobar2019Yuma High School19:20.00 68
76Alex Pedersen2019Clear Creek High School19:22.00 69
77Michael Peterson2020Sargent High School19:22.56 70
78Alex Colby2021Soroco High School19:26.59 71
79Jeremiah Taylor2021Custer County High School19:28.00 72
80Will Ela2019Hotchkiss High School19:30.43 73
81Miles Medina2021St. Mary`s High School19:31.00 74
82Cameron Custer2020Windsor Charter Academy19:31.30 75
83Cimmaron Mestas2019Centauri High School19:32.41 76
84John Lund2020Mancos High School19:33.12 77
85Ian McLandress2019Colorado Rocky Mountain School19:37.88 78
86Bryson Fogg2019Highland High School19:38.00 79
87Jonathan Belcher2019West Grand High School19:42.00 80
88Joseph Sabish2019St. Mary`s High School19:43.00 81
89Clay Roles2020Colorado Springs School19:44.00 82
90Jack Golden2019Golden View Classical Academy19:45.80 83
91Zeke Buker2019Kiowa High School19:50.00 84
92Zack Sandoval2019Centauri High School19:50.29 85
93Cayden Wrublik2021Ouray High School19:52.12 86
94Tobias Hild2021Loveland Classical High School20:00.00 --
95Fredrick Rikhof2021Rocky Ford High School20:01.10 87
96Noel Rocha2021Rocky Ford High School20:02.00 88
97Jordan Sierra2019Sargent High School20:02.19 89
98Joe Koch2018Lake County High School20:03.00 90.5
98Joe Dorren2019Wiggins High School20:03.00 90.5
100Elijah Myers2020Limon High School20:03.50 --
101Gavin Field2020Golden View Classical Academy20:07.80 92
102Campbell Houston2021Clear Creek High School20:09.50 93
103Jonas Van Zweden2021Golden View Classical Academy20:10.00 94
104Stephen Knezek2021Mancos High School20:14.68 95
105Jeremy Coombs2019Centauri High School20:15.02 96
106Duke Levenberg2021Denver Academy20:16.00 97
107Leo Montes2021Yuma High School20:17.00 98
108Cade Norwood2020Ouray High School20:22.30 99
109Ethan Gerig2019Rye High School20:23.00 100.5
109Tyler Brown2019Colorado Springs School20:23.00 100.5
111Conner Lenhard2020Lake County High School20:25.00 102
112Lane Wilfong2020Peyton High School20:30.00 --
113James Uren2019West Grand High School20:30.40 103
114Nick Barela2019Rocky Ford High School20:32.00 104
115Josue Martinez2021Meeker High School20:32.50 105
116Ryan Roderick2021Golden View Classical Academy20:33.00 106
117Yvon Michel2021Crested Butte Community School20:34.08 107
118Griffin Biggar2021Dawson School20:34.80 108
119Patrick Mccomb2019Colorado Rocky Mountain School20:36.40 109
120Eli McCullick2020Dawson School20:38.00 110
121Nick Partain2020Heritage Christian Academy20:40.33 --
122Reese Onago2021Clear Creek High School20:42.00 111
123Liam Miller2020Ouray High School20:42.02 112
124Logan Cestone2021Del Norte High School20:43.00 113
125Bode Dalton2021Clear Creek High School20:49.20 114
126Zach Ruiz2020Rye High School20:51.90 115
127Alex Covarrubias2020Yuma High School20:53.00 116
128Dan McCollum2021Front Range Christian20:55.50 117
129Hunter Paiz2019Center High School20:56.00 --
129Jason Hernandez2021Rocky Ford High School20:56.00 118.5
129Jay Golden2021Golden View Classical Academy20:56.00 118.5
132Cole Kennedy2021Wiggins High School20:56.70 120
133Austin Abeyta2019Antonito High School20:57.00 121
134Jack Ridilla2019Dawson School20:57.20 122
135Richie Hart2021Evangelical Christian Academy20:58.00 123
136Paul Elstad2019St. Mary`s High School21:01.00 124
137Calvin Miller2019Highland High School21:04.50 125
138Owen Wright2020Golden View Classical Academy21:07.00 --
139Joshua Taing2019Soroco High School21:07.20 126
140Ashdon Seibert2021Meeker High School21:08.30 127
141Benedikt Swoboda2020Ellicott High School21:09.00 128
142John Nowak2020Golden View Classical Academy21:10.00 --
143Max Witwer2021Caprock Academy High School21:16.84 129
144David Lozano2019Paonia High School21:18.20 130
145Charlie Gau2021Lyons High School21:20.00 131
146Gaven Cooper2021Mancos High School21:20.80 132
147Nathan Sisneros-Padilla2021Antonito High School21:20.88 133
148Holden Soosloff2021Lyons High School21:21.00 --
149Hilt Freeman2021Crested Butte Community School21:21.70 134
150Andrew DeRuiter2020Evangelical Christian Academy21:22.00 135