Weather and Meet Updates, September 13 (last update, 11:30 AM)

Friday the13th, wouldn't you know it? But, it's bad luck to be superstitious...

Here's what I know about this weekend's meets:

1. At least as of late last night, Eagle Valley was welcoming late entries for their meet in Gypsum.

2. Liberty Bell has sent out no official message, but I'm hearing from multiple sources that conditions are improving in Littleton and that the meet is still on. Unfortunately, I-25 remains closed most of the way from Fort Collins to Denver.

3. Platte Canyon and Mountain Range have canceled. Standley Lake has canceled. I have no word on Fort Morgan. I will pass along any word I get about any meets this weekend.

4.It is no longer raining in Colorado Springs, though it rained most of the night, flooding parts of the Air Academy course. Air Academy will not be running their meet today. The meet will not be rescheduled.

5. Pueblo has received the least rain, by far, of any of Colorado's Front Range cities. I'm guessing that meet is not in danger for Saturday. 

6. No word from Sheridan about their meet on Saturday.

This is way too reminiscent of track season. I will revise this article as any updates are received.