Images of state, 2013

Before the race closed up and before the lighting grew harsh. Photo by Paul Jaeger.


Emerging from the depths. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Only the first splash was a lonely splash. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Taking it all in from a better vantage point. Photo by Paul Jaeger.


All lined up for a big finish. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Cerake. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Alone with her thoughts. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Pandemonium at the creek. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


One last spin around the course before the racing begins. Photo by Paul Jaeger.


Jacob Benson, hill climber extraordinaire. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Time to check the old ticker. Photo by Logan McCoy.


First guy through the creek. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


I'm not sure what emotion this is, but it isn't one we often see from Ms. Cranny. Photo by Logan McCoy.


Simply a very pleasing image of Forrest Smith. Photo by Paul Jaeger.


Conquering the Unified/Paralympic race. Photo by Alan Versaw.


Teammates and champions. Photo by Logan McCoy.


They've battled all season long, so why not through the creek, too?


Getting out with a purpose in mind. Photo by Alan Versaw.


It was worth an extended look. Photo by Alan Versaw.


One quick upward glance before attacking Spike Hill. Photo by Alan Versaw.


The big prizes. Photo by Alan Versaw.


An exchange of wary glances. Photo by Paul Jaeger.