A History of Colorado at NXN

Dart Schwaderer was the first Colorado boy to qualify to NXN as an individual. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw. 

Kaitlin Hanenburg posted top-20 finishes in both 2008 and 2009. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

Spencer  Wenck ran to a top-five finish in 2010, stunning many observers with a great performance on a sloppy course. Colorado Track XC file photo by Alan Versaw.

2015 is the 12th year of Nike Cross (formerly Team) Nationals and the second year away from the Portland Meadows course. In each of the 11 previous years except 2006 and 2014, Colorado has been represented by at least one team. Colorado's is a proud tradition at Nike Cross Nationals.

Below is a cataloging, by year, of the finishes of all Colorado teams to run at Nike Team Nationals/Nike Cross Nationals, and a listing of all top 20 finishes for Colorado individuals.

Hoping to take their places on the list of top-20 finishers this year will be Colorado entries Katie Rainsberger, Lauren Gregory, Brie Oakley, Lexi Reed, Paul Roberts, Isaac Green, Henry Raymond and Ben Butler. For Rainsberger, Gregory, and Roberts, this year represents an opportunity to build on a legacy of top-20 finishes. Rainsberger runs at the chance of finishing in the top 20 for the fourth consecutive year.


Smoky Hill girls - 2nd

Katelyn Kaltenbach - 4th, Keara Sammons - 5th, Morgan Schulz - 8th


Rocky Mountain girls - 8th, Fairview girls - 17th

Dani Parry - 11th, Ellie Rastall - 16th, Meredith MacGregor - 17th

Fort Collins boys - 9th

Noah Shannon - 3rd


no Colorado contestants


Fort Collins girls - 7th


Fort Collins girls - 7th, The Classical Academy girls - 13th

Kaitlin Hanenburg - 17th


Fort Collins girls - 3rd, The Classical Academy girls - 9th

Eleanor Fulton - 5th, Kaitlin Hanenburg - 18th


Fort Collins girls - 6th, Monarch girls - 15th

Erin Hooker - 17th

Fort Collins boys - 4th

Spencer Wenck - 5th


Fort Collins girls - 6th

Erin Hooker - 11th


Fort Collins girls - 8th, Pine Creek girls - 18th

Elise Cranny - 7th, Heather Bates - 12th, Katie Rainsberger - 13th


Monarch girls - 5th, Fort Collins girls - 6th

Elise Cranny - 2nd, Katie Rainsberger - 6th, Lauren Gregory - 7th

Cerake Geberkidane - 4th, Zachary Alhamra - 20th

Katie Rainsberger - 6th

Eric Hamer - 4th, Paul Roberts - 18th