Great Southwest Classic - almost here!

There is one, and one only, major regional post-season track meet in the Rocky Mountain region. That meet is the Great Southwest Classic.

This year's Great Southwest will be held on June 5 - 7. June 5 and 6 will host the multis, hammer throw and steeplechase take place on June 6, and then the full gamut of track and field events run on Saturday, June 7. The meet will be hosted, as it has been for several years running now, at the University of New Mexico track and field stadium on the campus of the University of New Mexico. 

The Great Southwest Classic is open to top athletes from across the region, with elite athletes coming in from beyond the region to add to the quality of the meet. Last year, the meet hosted the first-ever sub-10 100 run by a high school athlete under any conditions. The fields assembled are always selective and always very competitive.

In New Mexico, if you are interested in competing, you should be contacting your state selection chairs--Stephanie Davy for girls or Lawrence Apodaca for boys, or one of their assistants to inquire about representing your state. You can find the contact information for these individuals at:

New Mexico selection chair contact information

In Colorado, the process is similar. You will want to contact Jeff Bliven or one of his assistant selection chairs. You can find the contact information for these individuals at:

Colorado selection chair contact information

No matter what state you come from, MileSplit will be on-site, providing continuous wall-to-wall coverage of the entire event. Start making your plans to be there now!

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