Simplot Notes - Friday

Friday is the massive day of qualifying for finals at Simplot. See how Colorado fared!

With qualifying rounds ongoing all day Friday, keep checking back with this article to review Colorado results. This article will be updated multiple times on Friday.

Qualifying for several field events completed early on Firday for both boys and girls. Colorado boys making the cut for high jump finals include Austin Campbell and Dan McNulty. Colorado got a few more in over the bar in the pole vault--to include Zac Ray, Christian Mueller, Ramon Salgado, and Andrew Barlow.

Colorado girls making the cut in the high jump included Ashlyn Hare, Mackenzie Pettit, Heather Betz, and Joscelyn Wind. In the long jump, it was Maya Evans leading the way, with Kiana Gomez, Shayna Yon, Audra Koopman, Isabel Ross, and Iesha Essien also making the cut.

I won't try to track all the relay teams advancing, largely because I don't know the composition of those teams, but we will note here that the Fort Collins Track Club girls posted the top 4x200 time through prelims with a 1:41.69 on a 200-meter track with no spikes. While I don't know who ran the four legs, I could probably make some educated guesses and get at least three of the four correct. You probably could, too.

Girls making the 200 meter cut included Carly Lester (top prelim time of 24.49--still no spikes), London Evans, Sarah Oancia, and Haley Rogers. Khayla Doublin had the unfortunate distinction of being the first one out at 26.86.

Boys making the 200 meter cut included Nico Forcatto (#3 prelim time of 22.72), Nathan Gish, Javan Lanier, and Trevor Cook. Once again, Colorado had the first time out, which Aaron Ragin posted at 23.35.

Update - 3:15 PM

Sometimes better than expected, occasionally not quite as well as expected, but never uninteresting.

Four Colorado boys--Miguel Molas, Javan Lanier, Trevor Cook, and Nathan Gish--advance in the 60 meter dash. The count went up by one in the 400 as Calvin Munson, Nico Forcatto, Brock Miller, Preston Roche, and Ryan Vomacka each found their ways to the next round. It was Ryan Younggreen, Marcus Howard, and Trenton Stringari living to hurdle again in the 60 meter hurdles.

Austin Campbell was the lone Colorado entry to advance to finals in the long jump.

Damajahnee Birch, Julia Hall, and Becca Schulte went 3-4-5 in the 400 prelims to advance easily. That would prove to be it for Colorado, however, as Maren Janda became the first one out. Colorado was wildly successful in the 60 hurdles, advancing Emily Sloan, Carly Lester, Jaiden Paris, Zoe Gilbertson, Kiana Gomez, Marlee Brown, and Victoria Coombe into the next round.

The pole vault also saw a large group of Colorado types advancing to finals. This time the list was Chloe Woest, Kelly Chamberlain, Mia Moret, Taylor Alexander, Josie Spitz, Avery Paxton, and Makenzie Patarino. Victoria Coombe, Maya Ries, Anne Lauder, Ashlyn Hare, and Iesha Essien join forces in the triple jump finals. In the shot put, Haley Showalter will have to stand alone for Colorado this year.

Update - 7:30 PM (all results in for the day)

It was a nice result for the Colorado girls in the 60 meter dash prelims. Maya Evans posted a huge 7.72 without spikes for the #2 time out of prelims. Joining her in the next round will be Audra Koopman, Tara Pelton, Shayna Yon, Emily Sloan, Alexis Groce, and London Evans. All were 7.88 or faster.

Riley Cooney, Hannah Freeman, and Emily Gallegos (I suspect, but I'm not sure, this is the same Emily Gallegos-Francksen who runs for Wheat Ridge) will represent Colorado in the 800 finals.

Rounding out the boys' day, Zack Retzlaff was the Colorado entry to advance in the 800. Kharon (KJ) Hall took the same honor in the triple jump. No Colorado shot putter advanced to finals.

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