Frontier Academy Doubles Up on 3A Region 4

Despite some adverse conditions, it didn't take long for Josiah Davis and Isaiah Remington to assert control over the lead of the race. Photos by Ron Eberhard.

They brought umbrellas. And they brought brooms. As much as they used the former, it was the latter that told the story of the meet.

After a season that has been mostly hot and dry a little rain was a welcome sight. And Frontier Academy celebrated the welcome change of weather with a matching set of 3A Region 4 crowns.

On this soggy day, it was the boys who went first. And, playing to Frontier Academy's strength like that probably went a little way toward setting a tone for the meet.

It wasn't long before Frontier Academy had things in control up front. Frontier Academy is a patient-running team but their white singlets stand out in a crowd, and probably especially so when there is a disproportionate number of them toward the front.

This story has been told before, but the Wolverines managed to pack Josiah Davis and Isaiah Remington into the top two places, with Cody Jones and Dhalton Akey also in the top eight. Wet conditions undoubtedly slowed the course a little, with Davis taking the win in 16:28.

And, that helps to explain a team score of 29 for Frontier Academy to 90 for Jefferson Academy in second. But, it does appear that the trip up to Greeley a couple weeks back for Ben Hershelman's Jags paid off.

It may have paid off in a bigger way for the JA girls.

The regional girls title had pretty much been written off to another showdown between Eaton and Frontier Academy, but Jefferson Academy managed what is probably a season-best effort to finish third, ahead of Estes Park and Brush.

And, while all that was happening behind them, Eaton and Frontier did deliver on a very exciting battle for the regional crown. Eaton got on the board first with a second-place finish by Emma Willadsen (photo, left). But, Frontier Academy answered next with a third from Hannah Ellis.

No sooner had Ellis crossed the line, Eaton echoed back with McKenzie Reiher. Then Eaton got another with Tayler Hays in seventh. Frontier Academy, however, climbed right back into the fight, though, with Taylin Forkner and Molly Sears in eighth and ninth.

Abby Schott returned a big edge to Eaton with her 10th-place finish. But 22 places went by before Eaton could close the book on their score. In that time, Frontier Academy had secured the team title. The final tally had Frontier Academy with 52 and Eaton with 55.

Lily Tomasula-Martin took the individual crown at 19:04. She has enjoyed a remarkable season, but there is definitely business yet to be taken care of.

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