All the Other Meets this Past Weekend... (corrected)

Ben Butler takes the #3 position on the podium for USA Cross Country. Contributed photo.

We've already talked about Ben Butler's #3 finish at USA Cross Country, but I wanted to use this opportunity to splash an actual picture of Ben at the top of an article. A top-three finish at USA Cross Country is a big deal.

In addition to USA Cross Country, we had Colorado athletes participating in at least two different track meets this past weekend.

The USATF-Colorado All-Comer was redubbed the Bye Bye Balch meet and run on the same day that CU ran a time trial for their distance types on the new 300 meter indoor track. Things, they are a-changing up in Boulder.

For Balch's final hurrah, high school highlights included a 5:14.80 1500 for Callin Naddy and another 5:22.22 for Madi Kenyon, a 2:18.77/4:42.09 double winner for middle schooler Cole Sprout, a 21-1.25 long jump for Zaccre Kenward, and a 23.88 200 for Cooper Ward.

Brett Shanklin took a few of his Frontier Academy charges to the UW High School Invitantionl for the Dempsey Arena experience. Breathing the dense sea-level air, Isaiah Remington and Dhalton Akey led FA with a 4:41 and a 4:48 mile, respectively. Josiah Davis, Cody Jones, and Dillan Webb ran a nice times of 9:20, 9:22, and 9:52 for 3000 meters.

And, that brings you up-to-date for the weekend's activities. Brace yourself for a very big weekend ahead--more about that tomorrow!