It's Baaaaack... the Jack Harris Elite Mile

Tabor Stevens set the Colorado mile record last year at 4:01.27. He's back for less this year. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Once again, the La Junta Tiger Relays will be hosting an all-out assault on the 4-minute mile here in Colorado. This year, the race has a new name. Going forward, it will be called the Jack Harris Elite Mile. Jack Harris was a long-time track coach and educator in the La Junta school system.

As you likely recall (and you definitely recall it if you were there), Tabor Stevens put some serious fear into the four-minute mile barrier before coming up just short at 4:01.27.

The Canon City and Adams State grad will be back this year to make another attempt at being the first to break four minutes for the mile on Colorado soil, er, polyurethane. 

I do not yet have word on who will be joining Stevens in the attempt, but this much we do know: 

  • the Jack Harris Elite Mile is set to take place at the 2016 running of the La Junta Tiger Relays on April 22,
  • the time is penciled in as about 1:30 PM, depending somewhat on how the meet progresses to that point,
  • and you want to be there when history is made.

4/20 Update: Joining Stevens in the bid for Colorado's first 4-minute mile are Sydney Gidabuday, Brian Baum, Grayson Freeman, and Austin Speer, all tied in one fashion or another with the Adams State program. 

At this point, Colorado Track XC plans to be there for the attempt, as I once again try to master shooting still images and running a video camera at the same time.