Colorado Track XC 1A Boys All-State Team

In 1A, versatility counts for more than it does in other classifications. Cheraw's Zane Bearfoot provided one example of that kind of versatility. Photo by Alan Versaw.

The Colorado Track XC 1A Boys All-State team for 2016 breaks down as follows:

  • Five sophomores, three juniors, and 13 seniors
  • Three from Springfield High School, two each from Eads, Heritage Christian Academy, and Arickaree, plus 11 from other schools
  • Eight repeat selections from 2015

Note that there are 21 all-state selections instead of the usual 20 due to a tie in the balloting.

Zane Bearfoot, Senior, Cheraw High School

Ian Beckett, Sophomore, McClave High School

Izaac Borchers, Sophomore, Lake City Community School

Andy Borunda, Senior, Springfield High School

Jordan Cherin, Senior, Shining Mountain Waldorf High School

Morgan Crane, Senior, Baca County

Dylan Dixon, Senior, Eads High School

Luke Duggan, Senior, Pawnee High School

Erick Enriquez-Acosta, Junior, Idalia High School

Blayden Fletcher, Sophomore, North Park High School

Luke Gilliland, Senior, Heritage Christian Academy

Tate Goble, Sophomore, Otis High School

Zachary Horning, Senior, Sangre de Cristo High School

Rafe Hutches, Senior, Springfield High School

Cameron Klann, Junior, Flagler High School

Trent Leoffler, Senior, Arickaree High School

Justin McCaffrey, Senior, Arickaree High School

Phillip Pickard, Sophomore, Stratton High School

Jeff Stellingwerf, Senior, Heritage Christian Academy

Keith Tate, Senior, Springfield High School

Fred Turner, Junior, Eads High School

2015 1A Boys All-State Team