Getting Registered for NXR-SW

This year's Nike Cross Regionals - Southwest will be November 19 in Casa Grande, Arizona. That's the same place and same course it's been for the last two years.

In what might well prove to be a stop on the farewell tour, Bernard Lagat will be the featured athlete for this year's running of Nike Southwest. Get your photos taken with Mr. Lagat while you still can!

You can get to the registration page for Nike Cross Southwest here. Coaches, be advised that when you go to register your teams, you will need information like home phone, emergency contact and phone, and email addresses for each athlete you register. Be prepared to be at your computer for a while. If you are entering a larger team, it will definitely be worth going with the option of downloading the spreadsheet, filling in your team information on the spreadsheet, and uploading that rather than filling out a page for each athlete.

Individual registration is $35 for the race. A team of up to seven may be registered for $175. The bulk registration rate this year is $400. 

As you register teams for races other than the Championship races, small schools are schools with enrollment under 1000. Medium schools are schools with enrollment of 1000 - 1600. Teams of athletes from multiple schools are not eligible for the Championship races and should be entered in the large school open races. 

A hard schedule of races is not yet set. To some extent, the schedule will depend on registrations received.

Cutoff times for individuals in the Championship races will be at or about 15:40 (15:55 at altitude) for boys and 17:55 (18:10 at altitude) for girls. The Championship race field of teams will be set to 26 teams for both boys and girls. Teams not making the cut for Championship races will be apportioned to open races according to school size.

Spikes, which were not allowed at Desert Twilight, will be allowed for NXR-SW.