Which 2A Records Are Most in Danger this Spring?

Shane Finegan figures to line up a few shots at the 2A 400 meter record this spring.

I postponed holding this one off until next week, but there are enough 2A teams in action this weekend that it's worth going ahead with it now. 1A, however, will wait until sometime next week. 1A teams in action this weekend are very few and far between.

Here is your link to the current 2A classification records. That's an informative little detour to take on your way through this article. 

And, there are a few records that figure to be under siege this spring. Here's a quick accounting of those we can already clearly see as having need of making sure their life insurance is paid up:

Boys 400 Meters - Shane Finegan

Ryan Boucher holds the state meet record (49.09) and the classification record (48.88). Shane Finegan managed a best effort of 49.61 last spring. That doesn't equate to an auto record this spring, but it is adequate reason to keep a regular eye on 2A results this spring.

Boys 800 Meters - Ben Kelley

Ben Kelley chases the satisfaction of breaking his own record this spring. Kelley rolled out a very nice 1:55.61 as a sophomore at last year's state meet. Since then, when Kelley has been healthy, he's been on fire. So the breaking of this record figures to hinge a whole lot on how healthy Kelley can stay this spring.

Girls Long Jump - Brianna Van Vleet

Like Ben Kelley in the 800, Van Vleet gets to joust with her own record this spring. You can rest assured nobody gets by with sitting on their laurels in Paonia, so Van Vleet figures to be taking many solid shots at eclipsing her own record this spring. Don't bet against it happening.

Girls Discus - Ellie Berry

Loree Smith, who went on to a very nice collegiate throwing career, currently owns this one at 139-8. Now a couple hours' drive almost directly south of where Smith went to high school, Burlington's Ellie Berry threatens the mark. Berry had a best toss of 135-1 last spring. With discus, you need a big arm, an even bigger spin, and a little bit of luck with the conditions to break records. The season figures to be long enough for Berry to get a very good shot at it.

And, of course, every time a Paonia relay hits the track, something is in danger. I'm not prepared to say which relay(s) Paonia will be locking and loading this spring, but I won't be surprised if the Eagles in red and black break another relay record or two this spring. It's just what they do.