Cheyenne Mountain Stampede 2017: Breaking In The Season Well

Thomas Chaston works to fend off a late challenge from Cal Banta in the 4A Boys Race.

Unless you're a card-carrying member of the Pikes Peak Athletic Conference, the only opportunity you get to run more or less all of the state meet course is the Cheyenne Mountain Stampede. Accordingly, lots of folks show up for the Stampede on opening weekend of the season.

Typically, that makes for some interesting story lines. And this year would be no exception.

On the pages that follow, I'll take you through the day's highlights for each of the classifications, beginning with 2A and working our way up to 5A. Simply click on Next to advance through the pages.

I apologize that no meet video is available. My #1 videographer is down hard with allergies at the moment--something about all that rain this summer leading to a blast of allergens as the rain lets up. I think I saw a few other people yesterday in similar boats. Those are rough waters.