2017 Pat Amato Classic: A Whirlwind Of A Meet

Chase Dornbusch charges to the finish line, just out of the reach of William Dixon.

The trees danced in the wind, singing their autumn song: winter is coming. Their white noise battled with that of cheering fans along the course at the Northwest Open Spaces Park in Northglenn Friday.

 Runners toeing the line at the Pat Amato Classic were met with galling 40 - 50 mph wind gusts. As they stood facing west, with the mountains looming in the distance, a headwind greeted them. The unwelcome addition to an already challenging ordeal of running a 5K as fast as you possibly can left runners either running with the wind, or against it--there wasn't any in between.

While temperatures will rise into the upper 70s with sunny skies Saturday, and Monday calls for snow, Friday brought whirlwind of a mix.

The obstacle and the aid forced pre-race favorites to alter their strategies. And while the boys race saw some surprises, the girls race won't exist beyond the following narrative--results were not official, nor even recorded, due to lightning in the area that sparked two miles into the race, prompting meet organizers to stop the race.

It was difficult to determine the main story line here: the wind or the results, regardless, it was another revealing of what's to come in Colorado Springs next month.

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