Two Hours And Seven Minutes

Alex Herman's 200 is already purring like a well-oiled machine.

You read the headline correctly. Two hours and seven minutes from start to finish of the Colorado Mines High School Indoor #1. They don't mess around at Steinhauer!

And in those 127 minutes, a whole lot of action--plus a few bonus surprises--got worked in.

Last evening, we learned:

  • Not many people feel quite ready to run 400s right now.
  • Even fewer feel ready to run 800s right now.
  • Max Manson and Mia Manson aren't exactly at peak-of-season form between being sick and a volleyball-induced break from pole vaulting, but they're still ready to take on anyone with a pole. 14-6 and 12-0 are nice ways to open a season.
  • It is early, but right now Alex Herman has no peers in the 200 meter field.
  • James Heater is way out ahead of his shot put standard for last indoor season, and for the spring of 2017 as well.
  • There's a new high school high jump record for Steinhauer Field House, and the folks with an interest in 2A Boys track and field may want to pay attention to who set it.
  • Judging by turnout, Real Training is a very popular club to be part of these days. If Niwot can keep all the girls healthy through May 19, they will be a serious force in 4A Girls this spring. Keeping it close in the club turnout derby were Angel Flight and FK Elite. Right now, Peak Performance has the distance market cornered, at least on the west side of the Denver metro area.
  • There are at least eight high school girls in Colorado who can run sub-8 for 60 meters less than a week after Thanksgiving. At this early stage of the game, Sydnee Larkin owns the state standard at 7.70. 

Although this weekend should produce some massive shuffling in the rankings, Colorado has staked out some nice early positions in the national rankings on the strength of performances at this meet. I don't promise that this list is exhaustive, but...

  • Mia Manson is tied for the national lead in the pole vault
  • Devin Cadena has the national lead in the 60
  • Alex Herman has the national lead in the 200
  • Jaiden Paris has the national lead in the 60H
  • Mary Gillett has the national lead in the 200
  • Sydnee Larkin has the national lead in the 60
  • Grant Redmond has the national lead in the HJ
  • Zaire Jackson has the national lead in the 60H

Once again, though, don't get too excited yet. This meet was one of the very first indoor meets of the season and it takes at least one solid weekend of competition (which will happen this weekend) for the results to fill out in any meaningful sort of way.