2A Girls by the Twos

Fountain Valley's Emily Hanna has spent four years as the undisputed best 100 hurdler in the classification. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Two Teams to Watch


Always a contender, this is a vintage year for the Rams. The relays are solid, as usual, but there's more than the usual strength elsewhere. Erin Krause looks to win the pole vault. Julia Saunders should score well in the distance events. Sydney Clarkson sits at the top of the list of 400 meter runners.


Always a contender, this team isn't the prohibitive favorite to lay waste to an entire stadium and its confines that some recent Limon teams were, but it's a plenty good enough year for Limon to know they can contend for a title. Relays and hurdler Caitlyn Hubbard are the strength of Limon's attack. The Badgers should also collect a few high jump (Raya Nikol) and pole vault (Ashton Taylor) points.

The Lyons-Limon rivalry extends over several sports and several decades. It is as good of a rivalry as exists in Colorado high school sports. Both schools' trophy cases are overflowing with state championship trophies. Enjoy the show.


Two to the Power of Two Athletes to Watch (not already mentioned)

Emily Hanna

Hanna closes out a spectacular high school career this weekend to head to TCU. She will seek to defend her high jump and 100 hurdles titles (with a little competition from Rocky Ford's Amber Lowther in the high jump).

Johanna Reed

Reed almost single-handedly makes Paonia a contender should either Akron or Limon falter. She figures prominently in the rankings in each event from 800 meters and up.

Haven Cappellucci

If you're not from a 2A school (and even if you are), you may not know where Hoehne is. But you should know that Cappellucci is fast. Look for her in the best lanes of the 100, 200, and 300 hurdles. Look for Hoehne as an obscure exit from I-25 as you drive south toward Trinidad.

Amber Lowther

To borrow a phrase from many multiplied happy childhoods, her "top is made out of rubber, her bottom is made out of springs." The girl can jump, and will jump, in all three jumping events. Like Tigger, she is the only one.


Two Events to Watch

Shot Put

This one is shaping up as a battle royal between a few girls who could easily have been on the "athletes to watch" list. Hayden's Holli Salazar, Simla's Christine Tompkins, Wray's Stacy Post, and Genoa-Hugo's Brittney Graham are the names on the marquee. All four girls rank in the top 15 in the state this year.

High Jump

Lowther and Hanna come in with 5-5 seeds. Del Norte's Cassie Lamb comes in at 5-4, and Ouray's Lauren Hagemeyer comes in at 5-3. For whatever reasons, 2A has a history of strong girls high jumpers (and a few boys as well), and this year should continue that tradition.