Digging Deep At The Demon Invitational

Reece Davidson stood in the center of the circle with his discus. He gripped it firmly in his right hand while his eyes scanned the green field in front of him. With his left hand he point to where he would place his discus in a few moments. 
He walked to the back of the ring and regained his focus. His steady arm swung back and forth and he gained momentum. His right arm led the way in a quick twist as his feet moved forward with each rotation. And in a quick motion his fingers released the discus into the blue Colorado sky. 
When it landed, 142-11 from the circle where he stood, he had the victory, and it wasn't his only of the day. 
Davidson put on a show in the throws, winning both the discus and the shot in a staggering 49-1.50. 
The Demon Invitational saw many great performances, including Davidson's dominance in the throws. The meet was spared the wintery-reboot that plagued the front range and most of the mountains, though it was not without a gentle wind that brought a chill to the air. 
Fortunately, the athletes took to the track and brought the heat. 

It was a Glenwood sweep in the team race, as the girls won the competition with 97 points, and the boys won with 127 points. 

Beyond that, there were a lot of great individual performances that moved up within the state rankings.