Redemption At Pat Amato

Rangeview's Luke Sundberg kicked for a 15:52 victory.

The clock hit 2:55 p.m. and as if on cue the wind picked up and danced with the trees. Dark clouds brewed above and threatened to delay, delay, delay, but it was an empty threat, and as they say in the show-biz, The Show Must Go On...

Athletes and spectators alike shook their heads and mumbled "this happened last year..."

Déjà vu...

And it was true - it did. I know, because I was there and wrote the story, and titled it "2017 Pat Amato Classic: A Whirlwind Of A Meet."

While the wind was trying to steal the show once again, it was a meet fueled by redemption. Redemption against the competition, and redemption against the self. 

It was a meet that was highlighted not only by competitors overcoming each other, but overcoming themselves.

Both races proved to be worthy battles, and unbeknownst to the competitors in the field, or even the spectators along the sidelines, a goateed man who has donned the red, white, and blue - and green before they were burgundy - was among those enjoying the festivities. 

Former US Soccer team captain, and Colorado Rapid, and US Soccer Hall of Famer, Marcelo Balboa was present. (If your soccer trivia is a little weak, or you were born after 2000, make sure to tune in to the Colorado Rapids game Saturday, he'll be the guy commentating.)

Like everyone else who endured the chilly wind, he was treated to some great races that saw mid-race battles and kicks for wins.

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