2018 CSML: Pine Creek, TCA Execute Sweeps

Lucy Hart and William Hibbard were instrumental in bringing not one, but two, CSML 5A titles back to Pine Creek High School.

In all of the Colorado Springs Metro League, Fountain-Fort Carson High School has the most spacious campus, one nicely suited to laying out a cross country course. So, the CSML meet tends to end up at FFCHS.

The course doesn't have a lot of up and down. There's a climb here and there, but nothing you could use to train for the Pikes Peak Ascent. So, you would think it ought to run fast. But, it doesn't. And, that probably has a whole lot to do with the amount and nature of grass on the course.

The grass around Fountain-Fort Carson High School is exceptionally well cared for. It's healthy, deep, and green. And, on Thursday, it was also wet--and even softer than usual. Four days of drizzle will yield that result.

On account on that, the CSML meet of 2018 was anything but a PR festival. On the other hand, times are strictly ornamental in cross country. It's place that matters, of course, and there was plenty of spirited jostling for place to be had.

Links for results, photos, and videos (some of which are still going up as of this writing) are below. Then click on next to advance to the coverage stories for the boys and girls races.