Top Stories Of 2018 #7: Max Manson's State Record

Max Manson celebrates his state meet record with his father, Pat Manson.

The year Pat Manson set the Colorado State Meet pole vault record at 17-3, Dionne and Friends topped the chart with their single "Thats What Friends Are For," young men were arguing over who was Maverick and who was Goose, as Top Gun was blazing through the box office, and the Commodore 64 was the first popular 'home computer.'

Yes, you read that last part right - there was a once time when personal computers in homes, like televisions or even cell phones, were not a common thing. 

The year was 1986.

When all florescent colors faded and big hair went flat, Manson's mark of 17-3 had stood in test of time. Even after retiring, he coached others to topple the mark, but it wasn't until his son, Max Manson, flirted with the 17-foot marker earlier in the year did his state meet record appear in jeopardy. 

It was Thursday, May 17 - 2018 - when Max came crashing down on the mat, back to reality, 32 years after his father cleared 17-3, to clear that mark by a mere half an inch.