Top Stories Of 2018, #5: Emily Sloan Tops The 300H

Emily Sloan had been eying Carly Lester's 41.18 state 300 Hurdle record for nearly three years.

After going 41.23 as a sophomore, then 41.83 on an abbreviated season as a junior, she was destined to rewrite the record books before heading off to Oregon for college.

But until the 2018 Colorado State Track and Field Championships, her chase was rankled in a series of near-misses.

She nearly had it at State in 2017 before tumbling over the final hurdle when she let her eyes gaze to the scoreboard to read the clock. 

Sloan nearly tasted the sweetness of the record at Liberty Bell last spring, where she ran a 41.33 in the prelims, then 41.73 a few hours later in the finals.

To consistently be just fractions of a second off your goal can be daunting to most, but Sloan clearly had an understanding of the phrase "every inch counts."

After chasing the record for the better part of her high school career, it seemed only fitting that she'd claim the record in the final weeks of her senior year.