Week 3 Coaches Poll: University Makes The Jump

Nick Thomas led University to the top spot in 3A this week.

The results from Liberty Bell and Joe Vigil had huge implications on this week's Coaches Poll, that's for sure. As it was perhaps the first time nearly every squad showed their cards, or most of the their cards, we caught a more accurate glimpse of most squads. 

Of the big winners this week was the University boy's squad, who were the lone new No. 1 of the week. Their Liberty Bell performance shot them upwards big time as they finished just eight points behind 4A No. 1 Cheyenne Mountain, and six points ahead of 4A No. 5 Summit. 



At First Glance: Mountain Vista reigns supreme over 5A once again. 

The story of the 5A is on the boy's side of the poll, where Fort Collins overtook Dakota Ridge in that No. 2 spot following a big day out at Liberty Bell. And speaking of Liberty Bell, Heritage made a big leap into the rankings this week. 

On the girl's side of the poll Valor Christian continued their forward momentum, moving up four spots to the No. 5 spot this week. Pine Creek also made a big leap into the rankings. 



At First Glance: Little movement on the boy's side, a lot of movement on the girls.

A lack of movement highlighted the boy's poll this week. Cheyenne Mountain remained on top for the third consecutive week. New to the rankings this week was Lewis-Palmer. 

Niwot remained a unanimous No. 1 on the girl's side, though the big movement came on the backside of the poll, where Palmer Ridge stormed to the No. 4 spot, and three previously unranked squads snuck into the 8-9-10 spots. 



At First Glance: A new No. 1 on the boy's side...

University was the big winner this week, as they are the new No. 1 on the boy's side, which saw a big shakeup as result of Liberty Bell and Joe Vigil. Three previously unranked squads made the Top 10 this week, with Colorado Academy leading the charge to the No. 6 spot.

The Classical Academy remained in the top spot on the girl's side, though there was a ton of movement behind them. Aspen and Alamosa made big leaps, along with Salida and Moffat County. 



At First Glance: Lyons remains on top of both podiums this week as unanimous No. 1s. 

No movement in the top-four spots on the boy's side, though there was a ton of movement on the backside of the polls. Leading the way was previously unranked Buena Vista, who landed in the No. 5 spot.

Likewise, the girl's side of the poll reflected the boy's, though it was Platte Canyon who went from unranked to No. 4.