All In At The St. Vrain Invitational


While Ohlson was quick to the punch-line, the girl's race was a tactical battle. 

The early miles saw a pack that consisted of Cadence LappJocelyn MillicanTaylor JamesSamrawit Dishon, and Grace Johnson, though it was the second half of this true cross country course that made the difference. 

While the early miles hinted that this could go down to a crazy finish, Battle Mountain's Johnson calmly hovered behind the pack, waiting to strike. It was a battle of the minds, because the field included several sub-18 5kers. 

This would be no stroll. 

And when Johnson threw down the hammer, it was decisive

The Battle Mountain senior utilized the most challenging part of the course to show her cards. By the time anyone had a chance to see what she had, she was gone.

Johnson ran off and away, onwards to a solo final mile, onwards to the second consecutive victory of her 2019 season. 

When she crossed in 19:07, she had a 16-second victory, though it wouldn't be the fastest time of the day - but we'll get back to that... 

Patience was the winner of the day, along with Johnson, because Fossil Ridge's Caitlin Hunt used a late charge to claim the runner-up spot in 19:23. Likewise, Battle Mountain's Elliot Pribramsky kicked hard for a third-place finish in 19:24.

The race for fourth was a three-way battle between James, Millican, and Niwot's Amelia Philofsky, with 2:05 half-miler James taking this one in 19:29. 

Dishon was just six seconds back in 19:35, giving Niwot a 4-6-7, and it didn't end there...

Perhaps one of the bigger storylines of the day was Niwot showing more of their cards... With the finish of James, Philofsky, and Dishon, they closed out their scoring with freshman Madison Shults, and Joelle McDonald finishing eighth and ninth - that's five in the top nine. 

Niwot claimed the team title with a decisive 34 points to Battle Mountain's 76, and Palmer Ridge's 87. Story done, right?

Not quite... 

The fastest time of the day came out of the JV Girls, where Lucca Fulkerson dropped a solo 18:54. The time not only would've led Niwot, it would've won the 4A/5A race, and given Niwot six in the top nine.

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