Liberty, Pine Creek, and TCA Claim CSML Titles

Mason Norman and Ben Conlin traded strides for better than half of the race, but the last 2000 meters belonged to Norman.

Before we plunge into the nitty-gritty of the meet itself, there are a few things you need to know. 

First it was, well, Wednesday. As in the day before the first big storm of the fall pushes through. As such, this one was a lot like it was plenty of other places on Colorado's Front Range--warm, dry, and windy. If you're reading this anywhere up and down the I-25 corridor, you probably have some idea of what it was like.

It's left to the experts and magicians among us to try to determine what kind of offset to use for the results to "equalize" them with other results. As a caution, no two people are impacted exactly the same by conditions such as visited the various league meets held today.

You should also know that the CSML runs the 4A and 5A divisions (not that all 4A teams are 4A in cross country, nor are all 5A teams 5A in cross country) together but scores them separately. So, if you're curious what the actual racing was really like--and if you have a MileSplit subscription--you can go Rankings/Virtual Meet. Then pick Select Previous Meets. Choose HS Boys or HS Girls, according to your interest and needs at the moment. Leave all other settings at defaults, then click Next. Find the Colorado Springs Metro 4A-5A Championships and select it. Then click on See Results.

Presto! You have the meet all reassembled again, all nice and neat. I thought several of you might like to know that. It's one good way to get added value out of your subscription. It works for any multi-division meet.


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