3A Region 2 Girls: Lavier, TCA Takes Wins

Lilly Lavier starts to separate from the pursuit of Sawyer Wilson with less than a quarter mile go.

Like so many other races, the individual portion of this race turned out to be a battle of attrition. A party of five, to include eventual winner Lilly Lavier, Madi Moen and Ella Johnson of Vanguard, Kylie Simshauser of Florence, and Sawyer Wilson of The Classical Academy whittled quickly down to two.

By the midway point, if not sooner, it was down to Lavier and Wilson. Meanwhile, Kennedy McDonald was picking her way through those who'd dropped off the initial lead group and and had moved up to third.

Wilson and Lavier continued their battle for first, past the midway point, past two miles, and past two-and-a-half miles. Only in the last quarter of a mile did Lavier turn to her breakaway 400/800 speed and open a gap on the TCA freshman.

Lavier would win in 18:41, but Wilson not far behind at 18:50. And McDonald had dropped all pursuit for third, finishing in 19:16. Simshauser would hold onto fourth and Johnson to fifth.

The team title, already tilting in The Classical Academy's advantage, was about to be decided. Kotryna Obergfell finished in sixth and Sophia Valentine in sixth, only a second between them. That would send the tilt further in TCA's direction. Adia Byron sealed the deal in 12th at 20:53.

TCA's 27 points would give the Titans a substantial margin for first. The margins for second and third, however, would be razor-thin. 

Alamosa, buoyed by Lavier's win, would end up taking second with 78 points. A scant point behind the Mean Moose was Salida with 79. Close on Salida's heels was Vanguard with 91. Colorado Springs Christian, a team qualifier last year, missed by a place this year with 122.