WATCH: Stewart and Michalak Drop Fast Mile Time Trials

Video and results provided by Lisa Rainsberger.

In the Era of Time Trials, we're seeing some of the fastest times run over the past few years. It definitely burns the question of 'What Could Have Been?' into the brain all the more. 

But the lack of a track season clearly isn't slowing down 5A state cross country champ Riley Stewart, or eighth-grade phenom Bethany Michalak.

In a low-key time trial run by the Kokopelli Racing Team at the Pueblo West High School track, the duo dropped two of the fastest 1,600 times run over the past decade Friday night. 

Stewart ran 4:47.2, which is unofficially the second fastest 1,600 run over the past decade, only behind Katie Rainsberger's 4:44.31 (Jordyn Colter ran 4:47.22 in 2015). The time is also a nine-second Colorado personal best for the Cherry Creek sophomore.

The NCAA altitude conversion for the distance and altitude is around six seconds. At sea-level Stewart's time translates to roughly 4:41.

A year ago, only four girls across the country ran 4:41 or faster.

And as incredible as Stewart's performance was, Colorado distance fans have another reason to be very excited for the next few years.

Michalak, who dominated the girl's 13-14 division at the USATF National Junior Olympics Championships last December, put up an impressive 1,600 of her own.

The eighth-grader ran 4:52.8, which is unofficially the No. 8 time among Colorado high schoolers over the past decade. 

To put this time in perspective: Stewart ran the fastest 1,600 in Colorado last year at 4:56.07. In other words ... no Colorado high school girl broke 4:56 last year. 

Michalak's time translates to around 4:46 at sea-level. The time would put her within the Top 15 in the country last year. Michalak will compete for Air Academy next fall.