WATCH: Gavin Schurr Drops US No. 1 21.28 At VA Beach Club

Put Jeremy Dodson's 20.70 200 outdoor Colorado state record on alert, because Gavin Schurr came out of the gates swinging on the 2020-2021 indoor track season. 

The Fairview senior opened his season with a US No. 1 mark of 21.28 seconds at the VA Beach Club Opener in Virginia Beach Friday night. 

Schurr led a staggering nine under 22 seconds - a clear statement that being cooped up for months at a time can lead to big performances. 

The time was just off his 21.21 indoor personal best from the Steadfast Track Academy Invite this past October, and it's the second-fastest performance ever recorded in the month of December, only behind Brian Herron's time of 20.95 from Dec. 30, 2017. 

While Schurr does have another .58 to shave off by the end of the outdoor season to take down Dodson's 15 year-old record, consider this:

Last year Schurr opened his indoor season with a 22.34 in early January. Nearly six weeks later he ran 21.57 at the Simplot Games in the middle of February.

Obviously we know how his - and everyone's - 2020 outdoor season went (it didn't), but for Schurr to be opening his season over a second faster than last year - a year of which he chopped .77 over the span of about six weeks during the indoor season, it seems possible, very possible, that Dodson's Colorado record will be threatened this outdoor season. 

Sure, there's plenty to debate about the difference between indoor and outdoor - breaking the record will only count outdoors, and during the CHSAA season, but Schurr is almost within half-a second of the mark already - indoors - and in December

Schurr wrapped up his big weekend by claiming another US No. 1mark - he won the 60 in a big PR of 6.73.

Let's hope we have a track season, because there's a lot to be excited about if we do!

WATCH: Gavin Schurr Drops US No. 1 21.28 At VA Beach Club: