Monday MidDay Recap: State Leading Marks Across The Board

Kyairra Reigh ran a 5A No. 1 of 55.77 in the 400 at the Pomona Invitational.

This week we'll focus on state-leading marks - because there were plenty this past week.

You could say, things are getting pretty serious.

Here are the highlights of the highlights...

We'll start with the Pomona Invitational, because it wasn't just the largest meet of the week, it was insanely competitive - there were a ton of state-leading marks that came out of the meet.

On the boy's side of the competition Gregory Anderson set a 5A No. 1 in the 110H, running 14.38, while Dominic Gallelli did the same - in the 300H, running 37.93. Meanwhile Braylon Fenderson set a 4A No. 1 in the 200, running 21.84. The Niwot boys 4x800 set a 4A state record in the event, running 7.47.57.

On the girl's side of the competition new state-leading marks were everywhere... In 5A Michelle McDonald's 12.11 in the 100Camille Peisner's 24.39 in the 200Kyairra Reigh's 55.77 in the 400Emma Stutzman's 10:51.74 in the 3,200, and Valor's 9:18 in the 4x800. In 4A Taylor James ran a state-leading 24.90 in the 200Kimora Northrup ran 43.19 in the 300HAgur Dwol won the triple jump in 39-11, and the Niwot 4x800 squad ran a US No. 1 of 8:55, which is also a Colorado state record. Meanwhile, Skylar Hawk set a 3A No. 1 in the 300H, running 44.70.

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The NOCO Series #2 was another meet that played host to a handful of new state-leading marks.

For the boys Becker Ell highlighted - he cleared 15-7 in the pole vault for a 4A No. 1, while the Liberty Common boys dropped an 8:23 in the 4x800 for a 3A No. 1 in the event.

On the girl's side of the competition Kajsa Borrman won the discus with a 5A No. 1 of 134-10, while Jadyn Luna cleared 5-5 for a 5A No. 1 in the high jumpAdditionally, Paige Farnam ran a 3A No. 1 of 57.93 in the 400, Ainsley Stanton ran a 2A No. 1 in the 3,200 with a 12:59 clocking, and Kali Siemers ran a 1A No. 1 of 28.08 in the 200In the relays Liberty Common ran a 3A No. 1 in the Sprint Medley, clocking a 1:48.32, while The Classical Academy did the same in the 4x400, clocking 4:11.62. 

The B-Town Twilight saw a few state-leading marks as well.

The Grandview boys 4x400 ran a state-leading 3:24.82 to win the event. For the girls Grandview's Sprint Medley dropped a 5A No. 1 in the event, running 1:49.99. Meanwhile Lindsey Whitton ran a 2A No. 1 of 5:41.21 in the 1,600.

At the Don Osse Lakewood Tiger Invitational Fabiola Belibi leapt to a 5A No. 1 in the long jump with a mark of 19-1.75. Likewise, Amanda Opp tossed a 5A No. 1 of 39-8.5 in the shot put.

Riley Stewart showed some legit speed at the the Lion Classic Invitational. The Cherry Creek junior set a 5A No. 1 in the 800, running 2:10.89. 

Meanwhile, at the Legend Titan Track Clash Melody Nwagwu set a new 5A No. 1 in the triple jump, leaping 39-8.

At the SCL League Meet #7 Xavier Freeman tossed 52-5 for 4A No. 1 in the shot put.

Across the state at the Phil Wertman Invitational the Central (GJ) boy ran a 4A No. 1 in the 4x400, clocking 3:28.50. 

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Alex Baca went down in distance at the Petrelli and Hunt Invitational to set a 3A No. 1 in the 800, running 1:59.85, while Joshua Medina ran a 3A No. 1 of 9:36.33 in the 3,200 at the Lamar Savage Invitational. Additionally, Sonny Ciccarelli cleared 6-7 for a 3A No. 1 in the high jump. For the girls Hannah Turpin leapt to a 2A No. 1 of 17-2.5 in the long jump

At the Blossom Invitational Jordan Burnett ran a 2A No. 1 of 57.25 in the 200, while the Peyton boy's 4x800 ran a 2A No.1 of 8:35.08.

Isabel Case  ran a 2A No. 1 of 2:28.38 in the 800 at the Lamar Savage Invitational. Additionally, Mikayla Hutchison ran a 2A No. 1 of 47.88 in the 300HBrakelle Westphal ran 2:39.83 for a 1A No. 1 in the 800, Springfield ran 55.30 in the 4x100 for a 1A No. 1, and a 1:54.35 in the 4x200 for a 1A No. 1. For the boy's Nate Early cleared 6-2 for a 2A No.1 in the high jump. Meanwhile, Eads ran 46.86 for a 1A No. 1 in the 4x100, and Cheyenne Wells ran 1:37.30 for a 1A No. 1 in the 4x200.

At the Greeley Twilight Invitational Eboselulu Omofoma ran 16.04 for a 2A No. 1 in the 100H

The Cedaredge girl's starred at the Olathe Quad - they ran 2A state-leading times of 1:55.25 in the Sprint Medley Relay, and 4:15.71 in the 4x400.

Meanwhile Aspen Merrifield cleared 8-7 for a 2A No. 1 in the pole vault at the Rangely Panther Invitational. For the boys Wesley Ryan cleared 6-4 in the high jump for a 1A No. 1. 

At the Brush Beetdigger Invitational Lauren Herman tossed 122-0 for a 2A No. in the discus, while Bobbie Schreiner ran 1:04.16 in the 400 for a 1A No. 1. For the boys, Mohamed Ibrahim tossed 58-7.5 in the shot put for a 2A No. 1 in the event. Additionally, Cheyenne Wells ran 3:43.47 in the 4x400 for a 1A No. 1 in the event.

Brady Kuntz cleared 13-0 for a 1A No. 1 in the pole vault at the High Country Pole Vault Meet

Meanwhile Alivia Weathers ran 16.59 in the 100H at the Holyoke High School Invitational for a 1A No. 1 in the event. Likewise, Merino ran two 1A No. 1s - a 2:01.36 in the Sprint Medley, and a 4:32.65 in the 4x400.

At the Weld Central Rebel Round Up Olivia Lay tossed 125-3 for a 1A No. 1 in the discus.

Three-and-a-half weeks to State. 


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Pomona Invitational

Jeffco Stadium Lakewood, CO
May 28, 2021 May 29, 2021
1,282 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Articles (2)

Elite Performances

Girls (54)
200mF 1 1st24.39Camille PeisnerValor Christian High School
200mF 1 2nd24.68Kyairra ReighDenver East High School
200mF 1 3rd25.10Kaleah RuffMullen High School
200mF 1 4th25.20Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
200mp 7 1st24.77 wCamille PeisnerValor Christian High School
200mp 8 2nd24.80Kyairra ReighDenver East High School
200mp 6 3rd24.90Taylor JamesNiwot High School
200mp 4 4th25.07Kaleah RuffMullen High School
200mp 2 5th25.08Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
200mp 5 6th25.22Michelle McDonaldDenver East High School
400mF 1 1st55.77Kyairra ReighDenver East High School
400mp 5 1st56.55Kyairra ReighDenver East High School
800mF 3 1st2:13.07Maelynn HigginsBroomfield High School
800mF 3 2nd2:19.87Emma StutzmanPomona High School
800mF 3 3rd2:19.97Brooke WilsonValor Christian High School
1600mF 3 1st5:00.25Stella ViethNiwot High School
1600mF 3 2nd5:00.72Taylor WhitfieldValor Christian High School
1600mF 3 3rd5:04.46Brooke WilsonValor Christian High School
1600mF 3 4th5:08.58Aspen FulbrightPueblo West High School
1600mF 3 5th5:11.87Emily LamontagneArapahoe High School
1600mF 3 6th5:12.72Leah ChristiansMountain Vista High School
1600mF 3 7th5:12.77Ava EscorciaArapahoe High School
1600mF 3 8th5:15.18Isabella ProscenoValor Christian High School
1600mF 3 9th5:16.99Alexis ChellePalisade High School
1600mF 3 10th5:17.57Sierra ParksNiwot High School
1600mF 3 11th5:18.18Ella JohnsFort Collins High School
1600mF 3 12th5:19.46Keira GamilyMountain Vista High School
1600mF 3 13th5:19.92Julia SchorDenver East High School
3200mF 1 1st10:51.74Emma StutzmanPomona High School
3200mF 1 2nd11:05.86Cameron McConnellCherokee Trail High School
3200mF 1 3rd11:07.94Maggie McCleskeyCentaurus High School
100HF 1 1st14.62Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
100Hp 5 1st14.69Zeaniah WedgeworthOverland High School
100Hp 4 2nd14.76Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
300HF 1 1st43.19Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
300HF 1 2nd45.63Skylar HawkHoly Family High School
300Hp 3 1st44.70Skylar HawkHoly Family High School
300Hp 5 2nd45.86Kimora NorthrupNiwot High School
4x100mF 2 1st48.71Denver East High School
4x400mF 2 1st3:56.71Valor Christian High School
4x800mF 1 1st8:55.86Niwot High School
4x800mF 1 2nd9:18.11Valor Christian High School
4x800mF 1 3rd9:22.43Mountain Vista High School
HJF 1 1st5-4Brooke NaughtonFort Collins High School
HJF 1 2nd5-4Lariel HenleyFossil Ridge High School
LJF 3 1st17-8.5Agur DwolMullen High School
TJF 2 2nd38-4.5Taryn BurkettFort Collins High School
TJF 2 1st39-11Agur DwolMullen High School
PVF 1 2nd11-6Olivia KosanovichFairview High School
PVF 1 3rd11-6Sophie PierceFairview High School
PVF 1 1st12-0Emma ChiccoRocky Mountain High School
DF 3 1st132-10Lindsey OsterfeltRocky Mountain High School
SF 3 2nd38-9.75Amanda OppLakewood High School
SF 3 1st39-1.5Laura DavisFort Collins High School
Boys (60)
100mF 1 1st10.64Gavin SchurrFairview High School
100mF 1 2nd10.68Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
100mF 1 3rd10.92Braylon FendersonRiverdale Ridge High School
100mF 1 4th10.97Brayden SavageFrontier Academy
100mp 7 1st10.82Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
100mp 8 2nd10.82Gavin SchurrFairview High School
100mp 5 3rd10.95Braylon FendersonRiverdale Ridge High School
100mp 2 4th10.96Brayden SavageFrontier Academy
200mF 1 1st21.56Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
200mF 1 2nd21.84Braylon FendersonRiverdale Ridge High School
200mF 1 3rd22.26Lawrence WalkerFountain-Fort Carson High School
200mF 1 4th22.27Grayson ArnoldHoly Family High School
200mF 1 5th22.34Kyle DempseyThunderRidge High School
200mF 1 6th22.40Devyn LauerPlatte Valley High School
200mF 1 7th22.74Matthew BaskinDouglas County High School
200mp 4 1st22.03Braylon FendersonRiverdale Ridge High School
200mp 7 2nd22.11Sterling BrassfieldEaglecrest High School
200mp 3 3rd22.26Lawrence WalkerFountain-Fort Carson High School
200mp 5 4th22.26Devyn LauerPlatte Valley High School
200mp 3 5th22.46Grayson ArnoldHoly Family High School
200mp 1 6th22.49Matthew BaskinDouglas County High School
200mp 5 7th22.63Kyle DempseyThunderRidge High School
200mp 1 8th22.65Josh ThornValor Christian High School
200mp 6 9th22.67Korey HairstonDenver East High School
200mp 2 10th22.68Dorion McGarityFort Collins High School
200mp 7 11th22.69Malik ParsonFountain-Fort Carson High School
400mF 1 1st48.82Langston WilliamsEaglecrest High School
400mF 1 2nd49.79Camden LawChatfield High School
400mF 1 3rd49.80Luke MingEaglecrest High School
400mp 6 1st48.93Langston WilliamsEaglecrest High School
800mF 3 1st1:55.94Drew CostelowValor Christian High School
800mF 3 2nd1:55.96Timothy ThompsonRocky Mountain High School
1600mF 3 1st4:19.39Lukas HaugBoulder High School
1600mF 3 2nd4:22.26Jacob WhiteDakota Ridge High School
1600mF 3 3rd4:22.84Charlie WelchGeorge Washington High School
1600mF 3 4th4:24.29Ty GarrettValor Christian High School
1600mF 3 5th4:25.07Dalton KainesRocky Mountain High School
1600mF 3 6th4:25.82Caden SmithCherokee Trail High School
1600mF 3 7th4:26.21Owen NolanMountain Vista High School
1600mF 3 8th4:26.94Dominykas RemeikisSummit High School
1600mF 3 9th4:27.46Connor KennedyHeritage High School
1600mF 3 10th4:27.63Jayden NatsMountain Vista High School
1600mF 3 11th4:27.89Zack GacnikConifer High School
3200mF 1 1st9:20.99James OverbergCentaurus High School
3200mF 1 2nd9:24.97Simon SaiaNiwot High School
3200mF 1 3rd9:33.35Eric SankeyFairview High School
3200mF 1 4th9:34.56James ThomasBroomfield High School
3200mF 1 5th9:35.61Ty GarrettValor Christian High School
3200mF 1 6th9:43.30Dalton KainesRocky Mountain High School
110HF 1 1st14.38Gregory AndersonFar Northeast High School
300HF 1 1st37.93Dominic GallelliRocky Mountain High School
300HF 1 2nd38.83Cooper NeedhamDenver East High School
300Hp 4 1st39.38Dominic GallelliRocky Mountain High School
300Hp 5 2nd39.71Cooper NeedhamDenver East High School
4x100mF 4 1st42.78Denver East High School
4x800mF 1 1st7:47.57Niwot High School
LJF 4 1st22-2.5Nate GayeCherokee Trail High School
DF 4 2nd157-7Tanner ArkinFossil Ridge High School
DF 4 1st163-3Braiden DishmanFossil Ridge High School
SF 4 1st50-8Braiden DishmanFossil Ridge High School

NOCO Series #2

Severance HS Track Severance, CO
May 27, 2021
1,120 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (8)
400mF 5 1st57.93Paige FarnamBerthoud High School
SMR8F 2 1st1:48.32Liberty Common High School
HJF 1 2nd5-4Laurene PowellMountain View High School
HJF 1 1st5-5Jadyn LunaPoudre High School
PVF 1 2nd11-2Katie WronaLiberty Common High School
PVF 1 1st11-8Megan KelleghanSilver Creek High School
DF 4 1st134-10Kajsa BorrmanLoveland High School
SF 3 1st39-2.5Kajsa BorrmanLoveland High School
Boys (3)
200mF 9 1st22.21Brayden SavageFrontier Academy
200mF 9 2nd22.36Tyson WilliamsLoveland High School
PVF 1 1st15-7Becker EllThompson Valley High School

B-Town Twilight

Broomfield HS Track Broomfield, CO
May 28, 2021
816 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (5)
1600mF 2 1st5:17.91Sonja MorinD'Evelyn High School
SMR8F 1 1st1:49.99Grandview High School
PVF 1 2nd11-6Isabella CoscettiManitou Springs High School
PVF 1 1st12-0Lilly NicholsBroomfield High School
SF 2 1st36-0.5Lydia NicholsLongmont High School
Boys (6)
100mF 11 1st10.93Evan JohnsonGrandview High School
200mF 1 1st22.65Luke WernerBoulder High School
110HF 3 1st14.48Malique SingletonGrandview High School
300HF 4 1st39.72Sonny ThompkinsGrandview High School
4x100mF 3 1st42.52Grandview High School
LJF 4 1st22-0.25Tyrese McClinton-ElCentaurus High School

Weld Central Rebel Round Up

Weld Central HS Track Keenesburg, CO
May 28, 2021
823 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st36-1.75Bahati NabinduSkyview High School
Boys (2)
200mF 6 1st22.18 wClay RobinsonYuma High School
DF 1 1st152-8George GraybillWeld Central High School

Lamar Savage Invitational

Savage Stadium (Lamar HS Track) Lamar, CO
May 27, 2021
801 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (4)
1600mF 1 1st5:19.50Sarah DeLaCerdaAlamosa High School
SF 5 3rd36-2Jayme WoottenLamar High School
SF 5 2nd37-7Colby StokerEads High School
SF 5 1st39-3Alexandria TiceLamar High School
Boys (1)
3200mF 1 1st9:36.33Joshua MedinaAlamosa High School

4A/5A Jeffco JV Championships

Jeffco Stadium Lakewood, CO
May 25, 2021
791 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Legend Titan Track Clash

Echo Park Stadium Parker, CO
May 29, 2021
694 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (5)
200mF 5 1st25.14Sophia McHenryRock Canyon High School
200mF 5 2nd25.17Sophia CuppSmoky Hill High School
HJF 1 1st5-4Haley GlunzGrandview High School
LJF 2 1st17-11Melody NwagwuGrandview High School
TJF 1 1st39-8Melody NwagwuGrandview High School
Boys (11)
200mF 5 1st22.00D'Andre BarnesRegis Jesuit
200mF 5 2nd22.11Carsen BrunsRampart High School
200mF 5 3rd22.50Maddux StahlLegend High School
200mF 5 4th22.63Malique SingletonGrandview High School
200mF 5 5th22.77Charlie DickGrandview High School
800mF 2 1st1:55.93William MerrickCastle View High School
1600mF 2 1st4:19.47Ben ConlinRampart High School
1600mF 2 2nd4:23.96Peter FoxGrandview High School
1600mF 2 3rd4:27.12Matthew LobojkoHighlands Ranch High School
110HF 3 1st14.70Carsen BrunsRampart High School
300HF 3 1st39.17Carsen BrunsRampart High School

Don Osse Lakewood Tiger Invitational

Jeffco Stadium Lakewood, CO
May 27, 2021
661 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (3)
100HF 3 1st14.83Fabiola BelibiRegis Jesuit
LJF 2 1st19-1.75Fabiola BelibiRegis Jesuit
SF 2 1st39-8.5Amanda OppLakewood High School
Boys (8)
100mF 5 1st10.79D'Andre BarnesRegis Jesuit
200mF 5 1st22.46Jonah BeardLutheran High School
800mF 2 1st1:57.87Camden LawChatfield High School
1600mF 2 1st4:21.25Bryce ReeburghGolden High School
110HF 3 1st14.82Michael BennettLakewood High School
300HF 3 1st38.37Michael BennettLakewood High School
DF 3 1st176-8Avery ShunnesonThomas Jefferson High School
SF 3 1st51-10.75Avery ShunnesonThomas Jefferson High School

Petrelli and Hunt Invitational

Garry Berry Stadium Colorado Springs, CO
May 28, 2021
650 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
PVF 1 1st11-3Anna WillisThe Classical Academy
Boys (5)
200mF 6 1st22.73Brandon HillsVista Ridge High School
800mF 2 1st1:57.56Thomas FryPalmer Ridge High School
HJF 1 1st6-7Sonny CiccarelliWoodland Park High School
LJF 1 1st22-4.5Daryon WilsonMitchell High School
DF 1 1st151-9Alec FalkPalmer Ridge High School

Blossom Invitational

Canon City HS Track (Citizens Stadium) Canon City, CO
May 28, 2021
598 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
400mF 3 1st57.25Jordan BurnettSouth Park High School
1600mF 2 1st5:18.42Julia 'Adele' HavlickPalmer High School
Boys (1)
200mF 6 1st22.67Derek AllenWidefield High School

Greeley Twilight Invitational

District 6 Stadium, Greeley Greeley, CO
May 27, 2021
594 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
1600mF 1 1st5:15.38Allison PippertStargate High School
Boys (1)
200mF 5 1st22.50Andrew MuncySkyline High School

Lion Classic Invitational

Littleton Public School Stadium Littleton, CO
May 28, 2021
488 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (8)
800mF 1 1st2:10.89Riley StewartCherry Creek High School
800mF 1 2nd2:19.00Shelby BaldingCherry Creek High School
100HF 2 1st14.94Casia ProvencalRalston Valley High School
300HF 2 1st45.74Kendall McCoyVista Peak High School
300HF 2 2nd45.80Leyah MartinezPueblo East High School
DF 2 1st146-0Giavonna MeeksNorthfield High School
SF 2 2nd36-0.25Amanda LichtKent Denver School
SF 2 1st45-10.5Giavonna MeeksNorthfield High School
Boys (6)
200mF 5 1st22.04Ky OdayCherry Creek High School
200mF 5 2nd22.41Isaak EasleyNorthfield High School
200mF 5 3rd22.67Giovanni VECCHIARELLIRalston Valley High School
400mF 4 1st48.97Ky OdayCherry Creek High School
LJF 2 1st22-0.25Jaden ParrottCherry Creek High School
PVF 1 1st14-6Garrett SearlsHorizon High School

Phil Wertman Invitational

Stocker Stadium Grand Junction, CO
May 27, 2021
442 Total Performances

Photo Albums (1)

Articles (1)

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
1600mF 1 1st5:15.95Sophia Connerton-NevinGlenwood Springs High School
1600mF 1 2nd5:17.61Jadyn HeilFruita Monument High School

Brush Beetdigger Invitational

Beetdigger Stadium Brush, CO
May 29, 2021
482 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st36-4.25Lauren HermanHolyoke High School
Boys (2)
DF 1 1st151-11Mohamed IbrahimWiggins High School
SF 1 1st58-7.5Mohamed IbrahimWiggins High School

Rangely Panther Invitational

Rangely HS Track Rangely, CO
May 28, 2021
474 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 3 1st37-2Taylor WiescampCoal Ridge High School

Holyoke High School Invitational

Holyoke HS Track Holyoke, CO
May 27, 2021
453 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (2)
SF 1 2nd36-7Lauren HermanHolyoke High School
SF 1 1st38-3.5Correy KoellnerHolyoke High School

Mancos Bluejays Invitational

Mancos HS Track Mancos, CO
May 29, 2021
429 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
SF 2 1st51-11Connor ShowalterMancos High School

Norsemen Invitational

North Stadium Westminster, CO
May 26, 2021
330 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (4)
1600mF 1 1st4:27.30Ryan MonteraLegacy High School
3200mF 1 1st9:38.03Ryan MonteraLegacy High School
110HF 1 1st15.00Mateo CasadosHorizon High School
PVF 1 1st14-0Garrett SearlsHorizon High School

Olathe Quad

Olathe HS Track Olathe, CO
May 27, 2021
312 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
SF 1 1st38-5Keely PorterDelta High School

SCL League Meet #8

Dutch Clark Stadium Pueblo, CO
May 27, 2021
280 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
SF 2 1st50-7Xavier FreemanPueblo East High School

Santa Fe League Meet

Rye High School Track Rye, CO
May 24, 2021
284 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

District 51 JV Meet #1

Stocker Stadium Grand Junction, CO
May 26, 2021
256 Total Performances

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

SCL League Meet #7

Dutch Clark Stadium Pueblo, CO
May 25, 2021
221 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Boys (1)
SF 2 1st52-5Xavier FreemanPueblo East High School

High Country Pole Vault Meet

West Grand HS Track Kremmling, CO
May 25, 2021
58 Total Performances

Elite Performances

Girls (1)
PVF 1 1st11-3Phoebe YoungCoal Ridge High School


Twin Peaks Charter HS Track Longmont, CO
May 26, 2021

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Pirate Team Challenge #1

Englewood HS Track Englewood, CO
May 26, 2021

Elite Performances

No elite performances.

Delta JV

Delta HS Track Delta, CO
May 24, 2021