The 2022 National High School Trail Championships Preview

Off in the distance a pair of footsteps crunch dirt in rhythmic cycles.

You can hear the stride getting closer, and getting louder. 

Until --

It's here!

The 2022 edition of the National High School Trail Championships have finally arrived - and it looks like we've got some great races on tap!

The course starts just a few blocks east of downtown Salida, Colo. at 7,083-feet, and that's about as easy-breathing as it'll get. The opening miles will take racers up a variety of switchbacks, literally climbing up the side of a mountain. The course tops out at 7,558 in elevation before screaming back down towards Salida over the final mile. 

It's all trail, and some rock (they don't call it the Rockies for nothing...)

This grueling course will test the heart, legs, and lungs of everyone who competes, and it's because of the varying terrain, we've got a few questions to answer for this 5.4-mile race.