Top Times Run On The St. Vrain Course

The 2022 edition of the St. Vrain Invitational is practically on the starting line...

After scanning meet entries, it's clear that we've got another burner on tap! 

While this course has played host to regional championships for several years now, let's take a look at meet records, because those might be threatened Saturday...

Meet Records



Boys In The Numbers

Four boys have broken 15:30. 

14 have broken 16 minutes.

169 have broken 17 minutes.

Girls In The Numbers

Three girls have broken 18 minutes.

Seven have broken 18:30.

32 have broken 19 minutes.

Check out the top-times run on the Liberty Bell course:


As always, Team MileSplit Colorado will be on site providing extensive coverage! We'll have race videos, interviews, photos, and recaps of all the races!

Editor's Note: Make sure you pack some additional energy -- We'll be looking for a team to add fire to the intro of MileSplit Shorts!