A Great Day for Seconds (and Thirds)

Sporting the latest in adidas racing attire, Eleanor Fulton enters the turn with the rest of the Girls Dream Mile field. Photo by Don Rich (PA Track XC).


Not many people race for second, but second usually isn't a bad finish. And especially not so if the race is one of the feature events at the Distance Gala or the Dream Mile.


And, in those races on Saturday, Colorado seemed to be locked into second. Eleanor Fulton ran a blistering 4:42.90, just missing Camille Chapus for first in the Dream Mile at New York's Icahn Stadium.


Half a continent west in Illinois, Connor Winter finished second in the boys' mile at the Distance Gala, finishing in 4:07.02, also less than half a second out of first place. Karina Ernst earned a second of her own in the girls' mile with a time of 4:55.69. Ernst, however, was effectively out of competition for first, as Molly Seidel claimed that honor about eight seconds before Ernst arrived.


Ty Williams didn't miss second by much in the Golden West 3200, finishing in 9:29.88, a new personal best for Williams.


At the same event, Christine Scott finished third in 12.12. No wind readings were reported.


Editorial Note: Although I missed this on a first pass of the results, Christine Scott won the Golden West 200 with a time of 25.08 (-1.6). And, Kelley Robinson finished 5th in the 3200 with a time of 11:12. That should teach me a lesson about scanning results when I really don't have enough time to do it, but I'm also pretty sure I'll eventually make the same mistake again laugh.